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We’re a network of nature photographers that engages everyone from enthusiasts and students to professionals in events that celebrate nature. Through our events, volunteer opportunities, and online resources, we provide opportunities for members to connect.

Photo by Frank Gallagher

Sip and Share

Meet virtually—and casually—with a small group of nature photographers who share your interest on a particular subject. 

A NANPA member who is passionate about the topic will start the conversation and serve as host, but your questions, answers, observations, tips, experience, and camaraderie will guide the rest. Free to all NANPA members and limited in size. Sip and Shares are a great way to meet other photographers and discover new places, subjects, techniques, or gear to explore.

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Photo by jon holloway


You define NANPA. Become directly involved through volunteer opportunities that include helping with social media accounts, getting involved on committees, and conducting interviews.

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Photo by Trent Sizemore

Stay connected

Join our NANPA Facebook group to share your  nature photography. Some of our members showcase their macro, wildlife, landscape, underwater and night sky photography. Participate in the group to also discuss nature photography related questions and issues.

NANPA Facebook Group

Regional field events

Join pros in the field to get up close and personal with nature across North America in hands on photo excursions. Each shoot includes a carefully planned itinerary and includes one-on-one instruction.