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The viewing public generally assumes that nature images are straightforward depictions of events and scenes that occurred without human interference. It is essential the photographer communicate completely and accurately the field conditions and circumstances of a nature image. There should be truthful disclosure of the conditions under which the image was captured.

–NANPA Ethics Committee

Photo by Jennifer Leigh Warner

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Position statements

As a leader in the field of nature photography and an advocate for the environment, NANPA occasionally issues statements describing the organization’s position on critical issues. These statements are approved by NANPA’s Board of Directors and published to major media outlets and field locations. The board recognizes that an individual’s concept of ethical behavior and feelings about the environment are very personal. Consequently, NANPA may issue guidelines and suggestions in these two areas but will in no way attempt to dictate policies either to members or nonmembers.

Ethics Committee

ChargeGather, disseminate and promote information on ethical issues involving nature photography.

The NANPA Ethics Committee is proactive in addressing possible ethical issues involving nature photography. The committee helps to promote information on ethical field practices and truth in captioning and also works with the NANPA Board to respond to ethical issues related to NANPA and nature photography.

If you are interested in joining the Ethics Committee, please contact us.


Committee members

Jennifer Leigh Warner — Committee Chair
Josh Asel
Nikhil Bahl
Tom Carlisle
Daniel Dietrich
Melissa Groo
Mark Hendricks
Nick Kanakis
Sarah Killingsworth
Ed MacKerrow
Diana McPherson
Michael Milicia
Natalie Robertson
Krisztina Scheeff
Andy  Smith