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As a nature photographer, you have rights that need to be protected.  We are here to help you know your rights and protect your interests on a wide range of legal and practical issues. 

NANPA gives its members a powerful collective voice that gets us a “seat at the table” on key issues impacting nature photography and nature photographers.

From copyright and intellectual property to public land access, NANPA is there, working on behalf of nature photographers to effect Public Policy.

With rights come responsibilities, so we also encourage ethical field practices and truth in captioning standards to help protect the wild spaces where we work and play.

NANPA Copyright Advocacy

NANPA fights for the intellectual property rights of nature photographers. Through its Advocacy Committee, NANPA is helping to lead the way on a variety of issues, including the following:

  • Asking Instagram to allow users to disable embedding in response to the Sinclair v. Ziff Davis (Mashable) ruling.
  • Passing the CASE Act to establish a copyright small claims process.
  • Modernizing copyright laws.
  • Modernizing the Copyright Office.
  • Fighting increasing costs for group registration of photographs.
  • Protecting image rights through image metadata.
  • Opposing court cases that could establish bad legal precedents.
  • Educating its members about copyright related issues, including copyright registration, importance of image metadata, and smart image management practices.
  • Providing members with resources for sending a Digital Millennium Takedown Notice to get their infringed works removed from online sources.

Copyright Alliance

NANPA is a member of the Copyright Alliance . This membership is expensive but worth every penny as it gives NANPA a “seat at the table” with copyright industry heavyweights on a wide range of copyright-related issues and initiatives.

Our Copyright Alliance membership has been instrumental in giving NANPA a bigger voice on Capitol Hill on legal issues affecting members, such as passage of the CASE Act and copyright modernization.

Coalition of Visual Artists

NANPA is also an active member of an informal group of photography and graphic artist organizations collectively called the “Coalition of Visual Artists” (the “Coalition”). Coalition members meet once a week by teleconference and once yearly in person to work together on copyright-related issues in particular.

The Coalition often files joint Comments to issues raised by the Copyright Office to help all photographers and artists speak with a larger collective voice. NANPA actively represents the needs of nature photographers within the Coalition.

Learn more about our advocacy work and issues affecting photographers’ rights