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Got questions about nature photography? Get answers from North America’s most accomplished professionals in the field—our members. Each members-authored e-handbook is full of insider tips, behind-the-scenes insights, and stunning images to inspire you and take your career and passion to the next level.
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Bird Photography

Improve your bird photography with insight into bird behavior and feeding habits. Plus, lightweight camera gear and tips for bird photography by bicycle and what you need to know to make photographs that help conservationists and other scientists.

Contest Secrets: What to Know Before You Enter a Photo

In this handbook, winners of prestigious nature photography contests offer tips and inspiration, experienced judges explain what drew them to particular photographs, and a nature photographer who is also a retired attorney helps us think critically about the costs of any contest.

Make It Work: The Business of Nature Photography

Make It Work: The Business of Nature Photography, your guide to making a living as a nature photographer, features articles and photographs by five highly accomplished professionals who are making it work.

Conservation Photography

Photography with a purpose. Written by conservation photographers for others interested in the field, this handbook explains important concepts and offers tips on how to think like a conservationist, work with scientists, and more.

Vernal Pools: Documenting life in temporary ponds

Conservation photographer Steven David Johnson takes readers inside vernal pools, temporary seasonal ponds formed from rain and snowmelt in late winter and spring in the Southern Appalachian Mountains and nearby lowlands. You’ll learn more about these biodiverse ecosystems and learn how to photograph them in this free 70 page e-book filled with stunning images.

Download our latest handbook (Vernal Pools)