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Costa Rica with Jeff Parker

Costa Rica , Costa Rica

Explore and photograph three (3) unique ecosystems — Osa Peninsula, cloud forest and rainforest — during this wildlife-packed all-inclusive Costa Rica in Focus Photo Tour 2023. The variety of habitats...


Winter Pumas and Peaks of Patagonia with Jeff Parker

Patagonia , Argentina

Capture wild pumas in their thick winter coats, while the rugged Patagonian peaks all around them wear photogenic snow. Our puma photography takes place on private lands so we aren’t...

Colorado Wildflowers with Jeff Parker

This Colorado Wildflowers Photo Tour 2023 focuses on capturing beautiful landscape images of the stunning wildflower-filled basins of the San Juan Mountains. These areas above-timberline host some of the most...

Harpy Eagles with Jeff Parker

Brazil , Brazil

A perfect pairing with the “Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour ~ 2023”, this pre-tour will focus on the apex avian predator of the neotropical rainforest. The Harpy Eagle. These...

Harpy Eagle with Jeff Parker

Amazon , United States

This Harpy Eagle Photo Tour 2023 will focus on the apex avian predator of the neotropical rainforest — the Harpy Eagle.  These eagles are among the world’s largest alongside the...

Jaguars of the Pantanal with Jeff Parker

Pantanal , Brazil

If you’ve yet to photograph a wild jaguar, make 2023 the year to do so when you join Jeff Parker for his Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour ~ 2023....

Fall in Yellowstone with Jeff Parker

Yellowstone National Park WY, United States

Yellowstone is a magical place any time of year, but fall is really something special, and this photo tour takes advantage of that. Join me as we journey into the...

Pumas and Peaks of Patagonia with Jeff Parker

Torres del Paine National Park , Chile

Photograph wild pumas (a.k.a. mountain lions) during this all-inclusive “Pumas & Peaks of Patagonia Photo Tour ~ 2024.” We’ll also train our lenses on the gorgeous landscapes of the dramatic...