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Colorado Wildflowers with Jeff Parker

Southwest Colorado CO

This Colorado Mountain Landscapes and Wildflowers Photo Tour 2022 focuses on capturing beautiful landscape images of the stunning wildflower-filled basins of the San Juan Mountains. These areas above-timberline host the...

Colorado Wildflowers with Jeff Parker

Capture beautiful landscape images of the stunning wildflower-filled basins of the San Juan Mountains plus incredible landscapes during this Colorado Wildflowers Photo Tour 2022. Via 4-wheel drive (included) I'll get...

Jaguars of the Pantanal with Jeff Parker


Join me in the world’s largest contiguous wetland for my Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour 2022. There, plan to photograph wild jaguars and SO much more! In addition to...


Rocky Mountain Elk Rut with Jeff Parker

Rocky Mtn. National Park 1000 Highway 36 Estes Park, Rocky Mountains National Park, CO

Witness one of the West’s best wildlife events during Jeff Parker’s all-inclusive Rocky Mountain ELK RUT Photo Tour 2022. From the inimitable sound of bulls bugling in early-morning mist, to...

Bosque del Apache with Jeff Parker

Bosque del Apache NWR NM

photograph the thousands of Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes that fill these beautiful New Mexico skies and Rio Grande waters. Bosque del Apache is one of our favorite locations and...

Winter Yellowstone with Jeff Parker

Yellowstone National Park WY

During Jeff Parker’s Yellowstone in Winter Photo Tour 2023 , focus on creating memorable images of the park’s iconic wildlife. America's first national park provides plenty of photographic fodder and...


Colombia Birds with Jeff Parker


During this all-inclusive Colombia Birds Photo Tour 2023 journey through cloud forests, wetlands, and high-elevation páramos to photograph a variety of birds, including several endemics. With nearly 2,000 species, Colombia...


Snow Leopard Scouting Trip with Jeff Parker


Join me in February 2023 for my first-ever Mongolia Snow Leopard Photo Tour 2023. Mongolia hosts one of Earth’s largest populations of wild and free snow leopards . This Snow...


Big Bend with Jeff Parker

Big Bend National Park Big Bend National Park, TX

Experience the magnificence of Big Bend National Park through your lens with me during this Big Bend Landscapes & Night Skies Photo Tour 2023. By day we’ll create photographs of...

Pumas and Peaks of Patagonia with Jeff Parker

Torres del Paine National Park

Photograph wild pumas (a.k.a. mountain lions) during this all-inclusive “Pumas & Peaks of Patagonia Photo Tour ~ 2023.” We’ll also train our lenses on the gorgeous landscapes of the dramatic...


Costa Rica with Jeff Parker

Costa Rica

Explore and photograph three (3) unique ecosystems — Osa Peninsula, cloud forest and rainforest — during this wildlife-packed all-inclusive Costa Rica in Focus Photo Tour 2023. The variety of habitats...


Winter Pumas and Peaks of Patagonia with Jeff Parker


Capture wild pumas in their thick winter coats, while the rugged Patagonian peaks all around them wear photogenic snow. Our puma photography takes place on private lands so we aren’t...