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Outstanding Service Award

Awarded to a NANPA member in recognition of service to NANPA in an extraordinary manner

Nominations for the 2025 award are closed.

This award is to be given to a NANPA member who has served NANPA in an extraordinary way. The NANPA member’s volunteer service should be significant, both in its positive impact upon/benefit to NANPA and in the effort required and/or the dedication displayed.

This award is intended to recognize a NANPA member’s volunteer service in any capacity to NANPA as an organizational entity. The duration of the NANPA member’s volunteer service can vary in duration (e.g., short-term project to resolve a very complex and/or urgent problem vs. long-term service in numerous volunteer roles). The most significant factor should be the demonstrated or “realistically anticipated” positive impact upon/benefit to NANPA.



Must be NANPA member


Selection Criteria Definitions

Positive Impact Upon/Benefit to NANPA

The NANPA member’s volunteer service must have resulted in an extraordinary and long-term positive impact upon NANPA’s organizational operations and benefit to the NANPA community as a whole. The positive impact upon/benefit to NANPA should be substantiated or, in the case of long-term impact/benefit, “realistically anticipated.”

Complexity and/or Duration of Effort

The NANPA member’s volunteer service:

  • Addressed a complex and/or urgent problem that impeded NANPA operations and needed to be resolved in a short period of time; and/or,
  • Demonstrated a long-term dedication to supporting NANPA operations.

Past recipients

2023: Ted Moreno
2021: Bruce Haley
2018-2019: No award
2017: Cindy Miller Hopkins
2015: Eric Bowles
2014: No award
2013: Niki Barrie and Sharon Cohen-Powers
2012: No award
2011: Juli Wilcox
2010: Arthur Morris and Francine Butler
2009: Tom Carlisle
2008: Mark Lukes
2007: Alice Robertson
2006: Kevin Fitz Patrick
2005: Rob Sheppard
2004: Lou Nettelhorst
2003: Bernard P. Friel and Deborah Free
2002: John Lock and Joe & Mary Ann McDonald
2001: Wendy Shattil
2000: John Nuhn
1999: Rick Zuegel
1998: Laura Hagar
1997: Connie Toops