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Community Recognition award

Awarded in recognition of one’s accomplishments, stature, or length of service to nature photography

The Community Recognition Award (formerly the Industry Recognition Award) goes to a supplier of services or products to the photo industry. The award may be given to a specific individual or to a company. Since NANPA membership encompasses all elements of nature photography, including industry members, this award acknowledges their support to our field.

Included in this category are manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, stock agencies, magazines and/or magazine staff, newsletters, photo service providers, galleries, etc.

Consideration should be given to length of service, importance of a product/service to nature photography, service to the nature photography world beyond what one might expect of a company, special programs or products that have revolutionized nature photography, and/or outstanding contributions to the success of NANPA.

An exception to the restriction that a nominee can receive an award only once may be granted if the bestowing of this award, for the second time, is for a distinctively different accomplishment (e.g., a manufacturer develops a new product of great significance, but not an improvement/enhancement of an existing product).


  1. Supplier of photo industry services/products; and
  2. Importance of product/service

Selection Criteria Definitions

Importance of product or service to nature photography industry

The product/service contributes to the advancement of nature photography or provides a resolution of a long standing problem faced by nature photographers. In the event of technological advances in the software used in conjunction with digital photography, the technical advance goes well beyond the normal curve of software evolution.

Company environmental ethics

The company that manufactures the product or provides the service has well-documented, clear and positive environmental ethics, and those environmental ethics are consistent with the values of NANPA. Furthermore, the company proactively promotes positive environmental ethics.

Contribution to NANPA Community

How and for how long has the company been involved in and supported NANPA in a significant manner and for a significant period of time.

Past recipients

2017: Charles (Chuckie) Luzier and Canon
2016: No award
2015: Hunt’s Photo
2014: No award
2013: Epson
2012: No award
2011: John Martin / Images for Conservation Fund
2010: Adobe
2009: Blue Earth Alliance
2008: Lowepro
2007: BBC Wildlife Magazine
2006: LightHawk
2005: Nature’s Best Photography Magazine
2004: The Nature Conservancy
2003: Hasselblad USA
2002: Nikon
2001: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
2000: Fuji Photo Film USA
1999: National Wildlife Federation – Publications Division
1998: Canon USA and National Geographic Society
1997: Eastman Kodak Company
1996: No award
1995: Outdoor Photographer Magazine