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Service awards

NANPA members are not only some of the most accomplished nature photographers in the world but also photographers who are deeply committed to supporting the nature photography community within North America. NANPA is pleased to honor members’ work through its awards program. NANPA awards fit two broad categories: recognition and service.

Our service awards recognize members who have served NANPA in an extraordinary way—a volunteer on a committee or a frequent newsletter contributor, for example.

NANPA service awards

Nominate a candidate

Any NANPA member can nominate a deserving candidate during the award’s designated nomination period. Login to the Members Area and click on “Nominate Members for Awards.” Members will also be notified by email when each cycle opens for nominations.

Current nomination cycle

Nominations open Nominations close Awards
Apr. 15, 2023 May 17, 2023 NANPA Mission
Outstanding Service
Kinne Legacy

How NANPA awards are decided

  • The NANPA Awards Committee accepts nominations for all NANPA awards.
  • The Awards Committee evaluates candidates and makes selection recommendations to the NANPA Board of Directors.
  • NANPA’s Board of Directors (with possible assistance from the Advisory Council) approves recipients.