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Fellow Award

Presented in honor of one’s accomplishments, stature, or length of service to nature photography

Nominations for 2025 award are closed.
The NANPA Fellow Award is presented biennially to recognize members who have made significant contributions to the professional nature photography industry over a period of at least 20 years. This would encompass photographers, editors, agents, educators, and other professions related to the industry plus administrators and volunteers.
NANPA Fellows must demonstrate dedicated adherence to the values of NANPA and be worthy ambassadors of the NANPA Mission Statement.



  1. Must be a NANPA member
  2. 20 years in nature photography industry

Selection criteria definitions

Significance / impact

The nominee positively exerts his/her influence on others within the nature photography industry.

Giving back to photo community

The nominee demonstrates an active and positive commitment to reaching out to the nature photography community for the community’s betterment.

Body of work / service

The nominee’s photographic body of work is of exceptional quality and/or the nominee’s service greatly contributes to the advancement of nature photography.

NANPA values

The nominee demonstrates a proactive adherence to the values of NANPA and its Mission Statement, and enthusiastically promotes them.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox, 2021 NANPA Fellow

Photo by Jack Dykinga, 2021 NANPA Fellow

Past recipients

2021: Daniel J. CoxJack Dykinga, and Susan McElhinney
2019: Richard Day, Susan Day, Sue Flood, and Lou Nettelhorst
2017: Kathy Clark, Michael Francis, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Mark Lukes, and Linda Helm
2015: Michele Westmorland
2013: Richard Halperin and Nancy Rotenberg
2011: Rich Reid
2010: Kevin Fitz Patrick and Mary Ann McDonald
2009: Tom Blagden, John Nuhn and Rob Sheppard
2008: Danita Delimont, Kathy Moran, and Tom Vezo
2007: Nancy Carrizales, Arthur Morris, and Kennan Ward
2006: Boyd Norton, Bonnie Stutski, and Tom Till
2005: Connie Toops and Tom Ulrich
2004: Phyllis Greenberg, Tom and Pat Leeson, C.C. Lockwood, and Ray Pfortner
2003: Natalie Fobes, Bill Fortney, Bill Jaynes, Carl Sams, and Jean Stoick
2002: Kathleen Norris Cook, Gerry Ellis, George Lepp, and Joe McDonald
2001: Ralph Clevenger, Jeff Foott, Dan Kraseman, Frans Lanting, David Metz, and Gary Zahm
2000: Niki Barrie, Gary Braasch, Jim Brandenberg, Karen Hollingsworth, Bob Rozinski, and Wendy Shattil
1999: DeWitt Jones, Evelyn Kloepper, Galen Rowell, Leonard Lee Rue III, and Larry West
1998: Erwin and Peggy Bauer, Ann Guilfoyle, Freeman Patterson, Roger Tory Peterson (posthumously), and Robert Sisson

The NANPA Fellow Award has been presented biennially in odd-numbered years since 2011 to coincide with NANPA’s Nature Photography Summit.