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NANPA wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for the many volunteers that graciously give their time and talent. We are thankful for our team of volunteers who help with all the projects and activities that make NANPA the premiere nature photography organization for North America and worldwide.

Universal charge for all committees

All NANPA Committees, where appropriate, shall do the following:

  1. Identify issues of interest to NANPA members.
  2. Identify potential writers, speakers, webinar and workshop leaders.
  3. Communicate the above to the appropriate committee or to NANPA staff, including the Advocacy Committee (for legal issues), the Communications/Marketing Committee (for storytelling and news purposes), the Membership (Webinar) Committee, and to the Summit and Regional Events Committees (for speakers and event leaders).

Committee members

Advocacy Committee

Advocate for NANPA on legal, regulatory and other issues affecting the rights of nature photographers.  Help promote NANPA as a voice for nature photographers’ rights to members and public at large. Educate nature photographers on issues and rights.

Jane Halperin, Co-chair

Sean Fitzgerald, Co-chair

Awards Committee

Develop criteria for NANPA Awards. Solicit and review all award submissions and recommend annual awards to Board of Directors.

Paul Brooke, Chair

Barbara  Adams
Kathy Adams Clark
Eric Bowles
Roger Johnson
Jeri Love
Alton Marsh
Traci Sepkovic
Jennifer Smith
Richard Spener
JC Watkins
Deborah Winchester
Dawn Wilson
John Ehrenfeld
Tammy Tideswell

College Program Committee

Organize, coordinate and implement the NANPA College Scholarship Program. Coordinate efforts with the NANPA High School Scholarship Program Committee. Include conservation project component if possible.  Provide assistance to NANPA Foundation for fundraising for the program. Promote and publicize story before, during and after any programs to maximize PR impact for NANPA.

Ryan Trenkamp, Co-Chair

Michele Westmorland, Co-Chair

Don Carter
jon holloway
Ted  Keller
J.P. Lawrence
Tom Richardson
Alice Robertson

Communications/Marketing Committee

Develop, oversee, and implement NANPA communication and marketing efforts, including emails, websites, blog, social media, contests (including Showcase), eNews, and any other marketing or communication efforts approved by the Board.  Provide input and recommendations, regarding NANPA’s communication and marketing efforts to the Board.

Frank Gallagher, Chair

Alyce Bender
Coby Cooper
John  Lock
Amanda Meyers
Wendy Shattil
Dawn Wilson
Nick Chill

Conservation Committee

Educate on conservation issues important to nature photographers. Encourage and inform nature photographers on how to undertake conservation projects.  Help support and promote conservation projects of nature photographers, including those of NANPA members. Explore conservation projects in which NANPA members and/or the public at large can participate and collaborate with other committees, organizations, individuals or associations as necessary to carry out such project or projects.  Review applications and make recommendations to the NANPA Foundation Board for the Phillip Hyde Conservation Grant.

David  Cook, Chair


Candace Hultberg-Bennett
David  Huth
Nick Kanakis
J.P. Lawrence
Deborah Roy
Andrew Snyder

Ethics Committee

Gather, disseminate and promote information on ethical issues involving nature photography. Recommend statements on ethical issues, as appropriate, to the Board.

Jennifer Leigh Warner, Chair

Josh Asel
Nikhil Bahl
Alyce Bender
Tom Carlisle
Daniel Dietrich
Melissa Groo
Mark Hendricks
Nick Kanakis
Sarah Killingsworth
Ed MacKerrow
Diana McPherson
Michael Milicia
Natalie Robertson
Krisztina Scheeff
Andy  Smith

Finance Committee

Formulates/recommends annual budgets to the Board of Directors; review and present regular and annual financial reports of NANPA. Monitors NANPA’s fiscal health.

Eric Bowles, Chair

Susan Day
Beth Huning
Bob Rickert
Alice Robertson
J.C.  Watkins
Dawn Wilson

High School Program Committee

Organize, coordinate and implement NANPA’s High School Scholarship Program.  Coordinates efforts with the NANPA College Scholarship Program Committee.  Include conservation project components if possible.  Provide assistance to the NANPA Foundation for fundraising for the program.  Promote and publicize story before, during and after any programs to maximize PR impact for NANPA.

Kathy Lichtendahl, Chair

Alena Ebeling-Schuld
Tom Haxby
J.P. Lawrence

History Committee

Develop guidelines, conduct interviews, and manage NANPA’s archives with intent to compile, preserve and promote NANPA’s history and the history of nature photography in general.  Explore partnerships with museums, organizations and others as appropriate regarding the history of nature photography and/or NANPA in particular.

John Nuhn, Co-Chair
Shirley Nuhn, Co-Chair

Don Carter
Erik Hagstrom
Lindsay Kennon
Brian Powell

Membership Committee

Review and recommend membership criteria and policy. Develop and implement programs for recruitment of new members and retention of existing members.  Develop corporate and individual member benefits responsive to needs of existing and prospective members.  Monitor and develop programs as needed to ensure satisfaction of NANPA members.  Develop and implement program to recruit and engage volunteers.

Deanne Cunningham
David  DesRochers
Lisa Langell
Ted  Moreno

Nominations Committee

Nominate qualified Board candidates and get Board approval of nominees for election to the Board of Directors. Build pool of possible leadership candidates.

Don Carter, Chair

Karen Ann Sullivan
Trent  Sizemore
Kika Tuff
jon holloway

Past President's Council

The Past President’s Council is an advisory group for the NANPA president, Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The Council is available to provide advice, guidance and support to assist NANPA’s leadership in carrying out their duties and obligations on behalf of NANPA, particularly where precedent or rationale in prior similar circumstances are important to an issue then before them.  The Council also undertakes other assignments as requested that are acceptable to them.

Michael Francis, Council Chair

Regional Events Committee

Plan, budget and organize regional field events. Include teaching components when possible in these events.  Coordinate with Communications and other NANPA programs to promote the events.

Mary Louise Ravese, Regional Events Coordinator

Hank Erdmann
Bruce  Haley

Summit Committee

Develop and implement all NANPA Annual Summits.

Kathy Adams Clark, Chair

Susan Day
Gina Head, Meeting Planner
Deborah Duke
Bruce Haley
Frank Gallagher
Richard Day

Volunteer to serve

Our committees are the backbone of the organization. Contact us if you are a NANPA Member who is interested in joining one of our committees.

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