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Requiem for a Magazine

By January 17, 2024No Comments

Everglades Sunset by Jerry Ginsberg

©Jerry Ginsberg

After always having a camera as a child, life got in the way and I put photography aside for a few decades. Then one day around 1990, I found myself in an airport with an hour to kill. While browsing a magazine stand, a cover featuring a brilliantly colored landscape caught my eye. That was my introduction to Outdoor Photographer.

I was instantly hooked.

After subscribing, I waited eagerly each month for the next issue to arrive so that I could devour the wealth of information that I always found between the covers. Learning the skills of composition, wrangling the light, using mood, form and color, all helped to educate me and countless others on how to create better images. The many columnists led by the likes of Galen Rowell, George Lepp, Dewitt Jones, John Shaw, Bill Neil and so many others spread their great wisdom and hard won experience to share with ardent enthusiasts.

Then there was the gear. With both articles and reviews telling readers about the gear and the many advertisers, both manufacturers and dealers, endlessly hawking their wares, there was lots of opportunity to spend money and keep up with the latest hardware.

I even had an image published in “Outdoor,“ as we came to call it. Some years ago, my shot of a sunset in Everglades National Park was awarded First Prize in a contest in the Annual Landscape issue. That really made my day!

It was so long ago that the image was captured on Velvia film and was the one and only time I ever used my then cutting edge plastic Cokin graduated sunset filter.

Alas, time has caught up with film and now with that wonderful magazine. As advertisers fled to lower cost internet marketing and readers dived into You Tube and online webinars to get their fix of photo tutoring, once stalwart Outdoor finally succumbed to the digital age. It has joined once dominant Popular Photography and others in the magazine graveyard, never again to show its glossy cover in my mailbox.

Thanks for listening.

I have to go now. There’s an important webinar starting in just a few minutes!

Jerry Ginsberg is a multi-award winning photographer whose landscape, Nature and travel images have graced the covers and pages of hundreds of books, magazines, travel catalogs and websites. He is the only person to have photographed each and every one of America’s 63 National Parks with medium format cameras.

Jerry has been awarded Artist Residencies in several National Parks all across America and has appeared on ABC TV discussing our National Parks.

His works have been exhibited from coast to coast and have received numerous awards. Jerry’s photographic archive spans virtually all of both North and South America.

More of Ginsberg’s images are on display at

Or you can e mail him at