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2023 Showcase Winner: Alexandre Andes Gascon

By April 25, 2023No Comments
Adult stink bug exhibiting parental care over its eggs. , Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, 2023 Showcase Judges' Choice, Macro/Micro/All Other © Alexandre Andes Gascon

Adult stink bug exhibiting parental care over its eggs. Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, 2023 Showcase Judges’ Choice, Macro/Micro/All Other © Alexandre Andes Gascon

Judges’ Choice: Macro/Micro/All Other

Why is this photo special?

The focus of my photography is to document diversity and behavior in a way that makes the subject more charismatic and relatable to an audience. Invertebrates, especially insects, are often overlooked and can even be viewed with a certain amount of disdain by the general public. I want to change that narrative and showcase that insects are of extreme ecological importance and are something to be admired. When I saw the subject in the photograph I instantly knew that it could fulfill all of my photography goals with a single scene.

If you look closely you can find insects just about anywhere. This situation was no different. I wasn’t deep in the rainforest but rather at my uncle’s farm property just outside the center of Manaus. With that being said, a certain amount of knowledge on insect ecology was required to not disturb the insect and its eggs. Additionally, I knew a single shot wouldn’t suffice to capture the detail I wanted and thus the technical skills of stacking multiple images into one final composite was also necessary.

The technical stuff

I took this shot with a Canon 80D, Laowa 100mm 2x macro lens, Raynox DCR-250 filter, Neewer TT560 flash, and a DIY diffuser. My settings were as follows : ISO 250, f/13, 1/200 second. The final stacked image consists of nine images.

About me

I am currently a hobbyist photographer based in Miami, although I have moved several times in the past few years. I have been shooting nature photography for approximately five years and my favorite subjects are insects and arachnids. If I had to narrow it down further, I would say weevils, jumping spiders, and wasps. My favorite locations to shoot are in the neotropics although I will shoot insects anywhere I can find them. As I write this I am currently in the Ecuadorian Amazon at Tiputini Biodiversity Station searching for new insect subjects.

My first experience with nature photography came when I was acting as a research assistant on an anthropology project within the Kayapo indigenous territory of Brazil. I was fortunate enough to borrow gear from a colleague and I was instantly hooked. Shortly after, my girlfriend bought me my first macro lens as a gift and I’ve been photographing ever since. In all honesty, she deserves most of the credit. My interest is fueled by biodiversity and wanting to photograph as many species as I possibly can.

I have been a NANPA member since August, 2022. This is the first time I have been recognized in the Showcase competition.

Memorable moments

To be completely honest, it is very difficult to pinpoint any one moment in my photographic journey. Every time I look through the viewfinder at a subject I get the same feeling of excitement and joy as I did when I first picked up a camera. The day I stop getting that feeling will likely be the day I stop picking up a camera.

Instagram: @alexandes.jpg

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