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WILD & EXPOSED: The Nature Photographer Podcast, featuring Beth Huning

By December 15, 2022No Comments
Photo of golden sand dunes and mountains under a cloudy sky.

Golden Canyon from Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park. © Beth Huning

Join NANPA President Beth Huning and Past President Dawn Wilson, along with the Wild and Exposed crew of Jason Loftus and Ron Hayes, in a wide ranging discussion that moves from the parched vistas Death Valley, to the sublime desert landscapes and neolithic ruins of Algeria, to rafting the Colorado River, and from working with state and federal agencies to her goals for NANPA to watching tarantula migrations. This episode covers a lot of ground!

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Beth Huning’s photographed the wildlife, landscapes and cultures of a variety of locales, from the high Arctic to North Africa to the South Pacific. In this episode, she talks about the challenges of photographing in Death Valley and of being a campground host in what Ron Hayes called “a landscape photographer’s lab.” Huning also spoke about how she managed conservation and wetlands restoration projects involving government agencies and conservation groups, including how she dealt with the conflicting goals of conservation and protection versus recreation and economic development. In addition, listeners will learn about Huning’s favorite places in Algeria and the difficulties of travel into and inside of that country as well as her “favorite outdoor experience of all time.” After 15 years of applying unsuccessfully, she finally won a private permit to organize a 16-day rafting trip down the Colorado. The experiences she describes made all the time and effort worth it.

Photo of petroglyphs carved into rock including a man and a giraffe.

Petroglyphs, Tassili N’Ajjer National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Algeria. © Beth Huning

Huning received a 2011 Philip Hyde Conservation Grant from the NANPA Foundation, served on NANPA’s Environment Committee and as NANPA’s Membership Chair and has been deeply involved with NANPA for years prior to becoming president earlier this year. She came to the role with 17 years’ experience working with the Fish & Wildlife Service and managing conservation projects in and around the San Francisco Bay area, including the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture. There she dealt with the conflicts between conservation and protection versus recreation and economic development. In order to get all the different agencies and organizations working together for a common goal, you have to “manage ecosystems and ego systems,” Huning says.

Wetland Restoration in progress, San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge. © Beth Huning

photo of Beth Huning

Beth Huning at Cape Carbon, Bejaia, Algeria

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