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Greene and Hyde Grant Applications Accepted through October

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Great blue heron on the Anacostia River, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens National Park, Washington, DC. Photo by previous Philip Hyde Conservation Grant recipient Krista Schlyer.

By Frank Gallagher, NANPA Marketing, Communications & Blog Coordinator

The NANPA Foundation announced that new grant cycles are open for the Janie Moore Greene Scholarship Grant and the Philip Hyde Conservation Grant.  Applications for both are open now with all application materials due by October 31, 2022.

Herbarium Specimen

Herbarium Specimen, part of Janie Moore Greene Scholarship Grant recipient Michelle A. Butler’s Rare Plant Heroes project.

Greene Grant

This Janie Moore Greene Scholarship Grant of $2,000 is awarded biennially to a student specializing in the study of photography who is currently enrolled in, or who has been accepted to, an institution of higher education. The grant is made possible through the generosity of Janie Moore Greene.

Past recipients of the Janie Moore Greene Scholarship Grant have included Nickolas Warner, Michelle A. Butler and Jiayu Su. Some recipients have gone on to become professional photographers. Others have pursued careers in science, conservation, and the arts.

A least tern feeds a fish to his young while the mate watches and broods another chick under her wing. Philip Hyde Conservation Grant recipient Mary Lundeberg’s work raised awareness of threats to beach-nesting birds.

Hyde Grant

The Philip Hyde Conservation Grant of $2,500 is awarded annually by the NANPA Foundation to an individual NANPA member who is actively pursuing completion of a peer-reviewed environmental project that is consistent with the missions of NANPA and the NANPA Foundation. For more information on Philip Hyde, please see his website.

In an exciting development, a generous anonymous donor contributed an extra $2,500 to the Hyde grant, doubling the funding this year to $5,000! Thanks to this donor, the impact of the grant can be magnified, providing more resources to a worthy project with the potential to raise public awareness, change public behavior, increase scientific knowledge or all of the above!

Previous recipients of the Philip Hyde Conservation Grant include Clay Bolt, Morgan Heim, Mary Lundeberg, Krista Schlyer and Florian Schulz. Many projects that relied on Hyde Grant funding in their early phases went on to deliver important results. Schulz’s Yellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam became a traveling exhibit and book and inspired a second corridor project, Baja to Beaufort. (Florian also received NANPA’s 2019 Outstanding Photographer of the Year Award.) Mary Lundeberg’s Share the Shore project is creating a stewardship ethic in elementary school students in Florida. Krista Schlyer’s project on the Anacostia River led to a project on the “Borderlands” that won her NANPA’s 2021 Environmental Impact Award. Clay Bolt has gone on to become a recognized authority on native bumble bees and recipient of NANPA’s 2019 Environmental Impact Award.

Apply, applaud, donate, or spread the word

The work and stories of past winners of the Philip Hyde Conservation Grant or Janie Moore Greene Scholarship Grant can’t help but inspire nature photographers and conservationists. Maybe you or someone you know has an idea that might win them a Hyde or Greene grant. Maybe the anonymous donor inspires you to make a contribution. Whatever inspires you and whatever you want to do next, whether applying, donating, or just spreading the word, you can learn more at the NANPA Foundation’s website.

The NANPA Foundation’s mission is to raise funds and provide resources to advance awareness and appreciation of nature through photography. It’s vision is to support education, conservation, photographic opportunities, advocacy, and ethical practices in nature photography.

Operating as a charitable 501(c)3 non-profit organization, donations to the NANPA Foundation are tax deductible and are instrumental in helping support the future of nature photography, both as a profession and as a pastime.

Frank Gallagher is a landscape and nature photographer based in the Washington, DC, area who specializes in providing a wide range of photograph services to nonprofit organizations. He serves as NANPA’s Interim Marketing and Communications Coordinator and manages NANPA’s blog. He can be found online at or on Instagram @frankgallagherfoto.