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How I got the shotShowcaseShowcase 2022

Showcase 2022 Winner: Dana Henry

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Artist’s statement

Wildlife is everywhere! I live in a heavily populated urban area, and this image was shot just a few miles from my house. To me, it underscores the importance of maintaining and preserving as much natural habitat as possible, everywhere. I believe that nature photographers can have a tremendous impact on how our audience sees the world.

My goal as a photographer is to observe and document the natural world, and share the images that I capture with others.

How I got the shot

I photograph wildlife (mostly) at a park near my home east of Seattle, Washington, several times per week. I’m not alone there, several “regulars” also shoot there. The morning that I shot this image I initially walked right past these birds! A fellow photographer pointed them out. I sat on the boardwalk using the guide rails for stability and spent about 30 minutes composing and recomposing. As is often the case, I didn’t realize what I’d captured until I got home and uploaded the contents of my memory card to my computer. I believe that a small fraction of “getting the shot” is equipment, technique, and patience. The bulk of it is being in that “right place, at the right time”.

What I used

Canon 7D Mark ii
Canon 100-400mm lens
Canon 1.4 Teleconverter
Handheld at 1/2500 second, f/11, ISO 6400

“Competition,” Juanita Bay Park, Kirkland, Washington, 2022 Showcase, Judges’ Choice, Birds © Dana Henry

About me

I live in Kirkland, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. I am an “enthusiastic hobbyist”, and my aspiration is to be a professional wildlife photographer, full time. I’ve shot landscapes, florals, and lots of wildlife. My 100-400mm lens hasn’t left my Canon camera in about 2 years … wildlife has become my singular focus!

The first photograph I recall taking was on an elementary school field trip to the Seattle Aquarium. The image was black and white, a barely discernable porpoise mid-air. My undergraduate degree is in Biology, and I consider myself a conservationist. I’ve been fortunate to photograph nature in many beautiful places, including Washington state (the Cascades and Olympics), Colorado, Montana, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, Alaska and Nepal.

I look forward to a time in the very near future when I am able to devote 100% of my time and energy to documenting, and advocating for, nature.

Fifteen years ago I became a Personal Trainer. Most of my clients were women and I began a hiking group to keep them interested in fitness. Hiking was also a way to demonstrate to my clients how time spent in the gym would enhance their lives outside of the gym. Taking photographs became an integral part of that experience.

One of my clients/hikers is a professional photographer. She taught me a lot, I’m forever grateful to Mary Jo Allen!

NANPA and me

I’ve been a NANPA member for about a year. This is my first image recognized in a Showcase.

Learn more

My website is
I also post on Facebook, and Instagram.