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The Human Element featuring Amy Gulick

By February 8, 2022March 16th, 2022No Comments

The Nature Photographer episode #24 on Wild & Exposed podcast

Brown bear with female chum salmon, image by Amy Gulick
Brown Bear with Female Chum Salmon, McNeil River, Alaska © Amy Gulick

Amy Gulick, author of “The Big Picture” column in Outdoor Photographer, grew up from “feral kid” to storyteller, using photography and writing as her tools. In this episode with Dawn Wilson, Ron Hayes, and Jason Loftus, Amy shares a lesson it took her a long time to figure out on her own: that the human element can’t be underestimated in conservation stories.

“We get into conservation photography because of the wild subjects,” Amy concedes, “but the stories we tell need to reveal the human story.”

Hear about the aha moments that marked turning points in her projects Salmon in the Trees and The Salmon Way, what she’s learned about the difference between nature photography and conservation photography, and what prompted her to rethink her use of the word “resources”—including the word she dares us to use instead.


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