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Nature Photography Summit

Top Five Reasons to Attend NANPA’s 2022 Virtual Summit

By January 31, 2022No Comments
Kaih-Wai Lin, Jaymi Heimbuch, and Jennifer Leigh Warner—whose images are seen here, left to right—are three of the photographers presenting breakouts at the 2022 Virtual Summit.

By Frank Gallagher, NANPA Blog Coordinator

Last year’s Nature Photography Virtual Summit was a big success. So much so that NANPA’s doing it again! We got a lot of positive feedback that was incorporated into plans for this year’s Summit, along with all the elements you loved about last year’s. ICYMI and are considering being part of this year’s event, here are my top five reasons to sign up for NANPA’s 2022 Nature Photography Virtual Summit on March 5th. If you register now, you can take advantage of early bird pricing and save!

Like last year, the coronavirus pandemic is playing havoc with pretty much everything, from global supply chains to family gatherings. And, like last year, it’s affected conference planning. With the switch to a virtual conference, I missed the face-to-face interactions and I missed the opportunities to go out photographing with other attendees. Countering that, however, were some important benefits.


Like many, my photography income has taken a big hit these past two years. So, any chance I get to save money is a bonus. The 2022 Nature Photography Virtual Summit is only $99*. (Register before February 14, and pay only $80*.) For that, I get access to about 20 speakers covering topics from fine art to community science, rental equipment to composition, practical to inspirational. Plus, I’m not paying for airfare, car rental, hotel, or restaurant meals. And I don’t spend a day getting there and another day coming home. I call that a bargain!


Like last year, sessions will be recorded so you can watch them at your convenience. There are many benefits to watching on March 5th, including better networking opportunities, but if my brain gets overloaded or I just need to get up and move around, take a walk or fix lunch, I can do that. Pause the session and come back later. I can prioritize the sessions I’m most interested in and watch others a bit later. Attendees will have access to all the sessions until April 4th.

Virtual Summit Session

Kevin Adams, often called the “MacGyver of Photography” for designing and selling unique products for night photographers, will present 365 Nights: A year-long immersion into night photography, talking about the most challenging—and rewarding—project he’s tackled in 40 years as a photographer. See Kevin at NANPA’s Virtual Summit on March 5, 2022. More info >


Well, it’s different from a face-to-face conference and it takes a different kind of effort, but virtual networking has its benefits, too.  In the Virtual Summit platform, you can participate in a social media-style conversation in text or initiate a video chat with a colleague. You can connect with other photographers you’ve followed on Instagram, ask a speaker a question, post photos or articles, or make plans for follow up opportunities. New this year, the schedule includes coffee breaks where attendees can gather on-screen to talk with one another in a videoconference room. I admit that virtual networking felt a little awkward to me at the beginning of the pandemic, but after another year of virtual interactions to get used to it, it’s beginning to feel natural.


In addition to managing your schedule, the fact that sessions are recorded gives you ultimate control over how and when you consume them. I particularly valued the opportunity to stop a presentation, rewind, and replay important moments. I find I sometimes miss key points when I’m taking notes. I get behind a bit and, next thing you know, I missed something. This is particularly true of sessions demonstrating a technique or skill. I’ll think I understand, but when I try to put it into practice later, I just can’t do it. Now, I can pause and rewatch. I can try out the technique alongside the video presentation. I can make sure I’ve got it before moving on. And I can go back a week or two later if I have any questions and watch it again. It’s almost like buying someone’s video training class, but I get 15 or 20 different classes!


You’ve probably got a lot of friends in NANPA but don’t see them often. With travel ramping up again, and photographers out in the field, it’s hard to arrange a time to chat. NANPA’s Nature Photography Virtual Summit is one time when our schedules all come together. The networking functions of the conference platform let me catch up with friends as well as make new ones. Nature photography may be a fairly solitary pursuit, but we value our friendships with other photographers who share our passion for the great outdoors.

We’re all looking forward to seeing each other in person, in Tucson, Arizona, in 2023. You can’t beat being together, and a live, face-to-face conference does have a different set of benefits. Since the next in-person Summit is still a year away, however, an extra Virtual Summit—in an even-numbered year when we’d typically not gather at all—is a huge bonus! Register soon and get the early bird discount!

* A small processing fee is added to the price of each registration.