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2021 Year in Review: Perfect Moments, Missed Photographs, and New Opportunities

By December 21, 2021No Comments

The Nature Photographer episode #22 on Wild & Exposed podcast

Dawn Wilson, Ron Hayes, Jason Loftus, and Mark Raycroft recount their favorite moments in the field in 2021, including the times they had their equipment and everything was perfect as well as a few almost moments. From a perfect elk rut morning to a BBC project, winter in Yellowstone to a brilliantly colored cross fox, a bucket list image of caribou swimming in well lit blue water to unexpected weasels and a wolf with a haunting, somber howl 90 minutes after sunset, these special moments prove not only that it’s not always about taking the photo but also that it’s possible to feel jealous and happy for another photographer at the same time. Plus: highlights of NANPA’s 2021 and a preview of what’s to come from NANPA and Wild and Exposed in 2022.


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