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Plains, Cranes and Watersheds featuring Michael Forsberg

By October 26, 2021No Comments

The Nature Photographer episode #20 on Wild & Exposed podcast

Platte Basin Timelapse Project is a long-term documentary project that helps build community around a shared watershed. © Michael Forsberg

Nebraska-based conservation photographer Michael Forsberg started with a simple question, Where does your water come from? More than 10 years and 3 million images later, the Platte Basin Time Lapse project continues to produce stories and inspire undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Nebraska and beyond. Hear how Mike and his partners are building community around a watershed. Plus, hear about Mike’s journey to document the migration path of sandhill cranes, a new project on whooping cranes, and other fun things he loves to photograph in the Great Plains.

There’s no finish line in conservation.

Michael Forsberg

Winner of NANPA’s 2017 Environmental Impact Award and the Sierra Club’s 2017 Ansel Adams Award for Conservation, Mike joins NANPA President Dawn Wilson and Wild and Exposed’s Ron Hayes, Jason Loftus and Mark Raycroft for this inspiring episode.


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