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George Lepp and John Shaw are deep in discussion during the 2019 NANPA Summit conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo credit: Dawn Wilson
George Lepp and John Shaw are deep in discussion during the 2019 NANPA Summit conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo credit: Dawn Wilson

By Shirley Nuhn

How well do you know NANPA’s Summits?  Whether you’ve gone to only a few or have attended all of them, there are facts and just plain trivia you might have forgotten or never realized.  For part three of my blog on Summit history, I’ve put together a fun 20-question quiz with the help of my husband, John.  When you click on an answer, if it turns green, you’re right! If it turns red, well, try again. 

NANPA has a rich and interesting history spanning more than a quarter century. Members who joined more recently might not know some of the unique individuals and memorable events that came before them, so we asked Shirley Nuhn, who serves on NANPA’s History Committee, to share some of her memories. Those who have been members longer may enjoy these trips down memory lane, too. See Part I and Part II to brush up on your NANPA history.


15 or more correct, you are a NANPA Summit expert!
8 to 14 correct, you know much Summit history.
Less than 8 correct, you might want to attend more Summits!

[quiz] [question]1. NANPA has conducted Forums and then Summits (hereafter just called Summits) in eight states/provinces—annually at first and then biannually. Name them.[/question][wrong]British Columbia, California, Florida, Illinois, Montana, Oregon, Texas, and Wyoming [/wrong] [wrong]Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ontario, Texas, and Washington [/wrong] [wrong]California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Texas [/wrong] [answer]California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, and Texas[/answer] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]2. Florida has hosted the most Summits.[/question] [answer]True [explanation]Florida holds the record at six—three at Jacksonville, and one each at Ft. Myers, Haines City, and Destin.[/explanation] [/answer] [wrong]False[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]3. One photographer has been a keynote speaker nine times. Who? [/question] [wrong]Frans Lanting[/wrong] [wrong]Wendy Shattil[/wrong] [wrong]George Lepp[/wrong] [answer]Art Wolfe [explanation]George Lepp has given a keynote six times and Frans Lanting five times. [/explanation] [/answer] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]4. Over the years, 358 people have given breakouts, participated on panels, or presented Summit-connected workshops. Five have done ten or more. Name them.[/question] [wrong]Bill Fortney, Joe McDonald, Lynda Richardson, Brenda Tharp, Roy Toft[/wrong] [answer]Kathy Adams Clark. Darrell Gulin, Jane Kinne, George Lepp, Rob Sheppard[/answer] [wrong]Sean Fitzgerald, Ron Rosenstock, Krista Schlyer, Connie Toops, Carleton Watkins[/wrong] [wrong]Gary Braasch, Ralph Clevenger, Richard Day, Lewis Kemper, Julianne Kost[/wrong][/quiz]

[quiz] [question]5. The late artist, photographer and ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson was instrumental in organizing a gathering of nature photography pros and enthusiasts in Jamestown, New York, in 1993, where the idea for NANPA was launched. How many Summits did he attend?[/question] [answer]One [explanation]Only the first Summit, Ft. Myers in 1995. Sadly, he died the following year.[/explanation] [/answer] [wrong]Two[/wrong] [wrong]Three[/wrong] [wrong]None[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]6. Gordon Parks—photographer, composer, writer, and Renaissance man—was a special guest at which Summit?[/question] [wrong]San Diego in 1994[/wrong] [wrong]Portland in 2012[/wrong] [answer]Las Vegas in 2001[/answer] [wrong]Austin in 2010[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]7. In 22 Summits, there have been 16 emcees. One person has emceed four times. Who?[/question] [wrong]Mary Ann McDonald[/wrong] [answer]Art Wolfe[/answer] [wrong]Dewitt Jones[/wrong] [wrong]William H. Jackson[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]8. Who was the youngest emcee?[/question] [wrong]Gabby Salazar[/wrong] [answer]Carson Clark [explanation]Carson Clark was 10 years old when he co-hosted the Reno Summit in 2010 with his father, Jim. [/explanation] [/answer] [wrong]Morgan Heim [/wrong] [wrong]Kika Tuff [/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]9. A lot of work goes into putting on a large event like the Summit, and one of the hardest tasks is serving as the Summit Chair. One person has done it four times. Who?[/question] [wrong]Mark Lukes[/wrong] [wrong]Jane Kinne [/wrong] [answer]Kathy Adams Clark[/answer] [wrong]Richard Perkins[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]10. The Trade Show has been a large part of every Summit.[/question] [wrong]True[/wrong] [answer]False[explanation] Being the first Summit and with limited space, only nine exhibitors were at Ft. Myers in 1995. [/explanation] [/answer] [/quiz]

Three men seated and in conversation. October 1-3, 1993. Roger Tory Peterson, Carl Sams, and George Lepp at the Photography Forum, Jamestown Community College, Jamestown, NY.
October 1-3, 1993. Roger Tory Peterson, Carl Sams, and George Lepp at the Photography Forum, Jamestown Community College, Jamestown, NY.

[quiz] [question]11. At every Summit since 1999, the NANPA Foundation has held fundraising events to support NANPA’s student programs and other projects. Some of these were silent auctions where items for auction were placed on tables with colored cloths. What were the colors?[/question] [wrong]Cyan, magenta, yellow, black[/wrong] [wrong]Green, purple, yellow[/wrong] [answer]Red, green, blue[explanation]These colors were selected to follow a common digital color profile (RGB). [/explanation] [/answer] [wrong]Red, yellow, blue, orange[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]12. At one Summit, Mary Ann McDonald donned a red dress and wig and imitated Taylor Swift singing “Happy Birthday” to a NANPA Foundation donor.[/question] [wrong]True[/wrong] [answer]False[explanation]She imitated Marilyn Monroe. [/explanation] [/answer] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]13. Nearly a third of attendees suffered from a type of flu bug and stayed in their rooms during all or part of a Summit. Where and when?[/question] [answer]Destin in 2008 [explanation]A respiratory virus was widespread in the area at the time; some locals called it the Walton County Crud[/explanation] [/answer] [wrong]Reno in 2011[/wrong] [wrong]Charlotte in 2003[/wrong] [wrong]None of these[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]14. What is the Summit where attendees stayed in individual cabins on the property instead of hotel rooms? (Hint: It also had a tree house!)[/question] [wrong]McAllen in 2011[/wrong] [wrong]Austin in 2000[/wrong] [answer]Haines City in 1998[/answer] [wrong]None of the these[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]15. Two Summits were set up where all attendees could attend every event (there were no breakouts presented at the same time). Name them.[/question] [wrong]Denver (2006) and San Diego (2015) [/wrong] [answer]Ft. Myers (1995) and the Virtual Summit (2021) [explanation]At Ft. Myers all presentations were in one large room; there were no breakouts. [/explanation] [/answer] [wrong]Corpus Christi (1997) and the Virtual Summit (2021) [/wrong] [wrong]Jacksonville (2002 and 2017) [/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]16. Presentation of the NANPA awards are part of every Summit. At one Summit two of the three Lifetime Achievement Award winners attended in person; the third could not for health reasons. So the NANPA president called him up during the ceremony and congratulated him on the phone so everyone could hear. Who was the award recipient, who was president and at what Summit?[/question] [wrong] Leonard Lee Rue III, Jane Kinne, 1998[/wrong] [answer]Bradford Washburn, Jim Clark, 2003[/answer] [wrong]Philip Hyde, Mark Lukes, 1996[/wrong] [wrong]Eliot Porter, Larry Richardson, 2000[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]17. From 1996 to 2006, Summits were given a theme. What was the final named theme?[/question] [wrong]“The Zone System” in Charlotte[/wrong] [wrong]“Legacy” in Albuquerque[/wrong] [wrong]“f/8 and Be There” in Austin[/wrong] [answer]“Frontiers” in Denver[/answer] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]18. At what Summit were attendees bused to a birding nature preserve for an evening presentation outdoors?[/question] [answer]McAllen [explanation] Attendees enjoyed a presentation at the historic Quinta Mazatlan, part of the World Birding Center. That Summit also featured open houses at five nearby ranches. [/explanation] [/answer] [wrong]Jacksonville[/wrong] [wrong]Portland[/wrong] [wrong]San Jose[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]19. At which Summit were attendees treated to a live symphony concert as they viewed images from Robert Glenn Ketchum and NANPA’s Showcase winners?[/question] [wrong]San Jose in 1996[/wrong] [wrong]Charleston in 2014[/wrong] [answer]Jacksonville in 2013[/answer] [wrong]None of these[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]20. Nearly every NANPA president has presided over a Summit during his or her time in office. Name the five presidents who didn’t.[/question] [wrong]Clay Bolt, Bill Campbell, Susan Day, Ann Guilfoyle, Bruce Haley[/wrong] [answer]Don Carter, Sean Fitzgerald, Bruce Haley, Tom Haxby, Bill Plunkett [explanation]The Summits went biannual beginning in 2012 and these presidents’ terms didn’t include one. [/explanation] [/answer] [wrong]Connie Bransilver, Jerry Bowman, Michael Francis, Darrell Gulin, Rick Zuegel[/wrong] [wrong]Sharon Cohen-Powers, Bernie Friel, Mary Jane Gibson, Steve Maka, Ray Pfortner[/wrong] [/quiz]

An audience member takes a cell phone shot of the presentation during Andrew Snyder’s breakout session at the 2019 NANPA Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo credit: Dawn Wilson

Three more on presidents (just for fun; these don’t count as part of your final score):

[quiz] [question]21. From how many states or provinces have NANPA presidents come from, at the time they held office?[/question] [wrong]10[/wrong] [wrong]5[/wrong] [wrong]9[/wrong] [answer]15 [explanation]Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia. [/explanation] [/answer] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]22. Colorado and Texas have each supplied three NANPA presidents.[/question] [answer]True[/answer] [wrong]False[/wrong] [/quiz]

[quiz] [question]23. NANPA presidents mean there may also be First Ladies or First Gentlemen. One excelled at medical photography as well as nature. Who?[/question] [wrong]Gary Clark[/wrong] [wrong]Linda Helms[/wrong] [answer]Russ Kinne[/answer] [wrong]Jamie Rappaport Clark[/wrong] [/quiz]

So, how did you do? Are you a NANPA Summit expert or in need of a few more Summit experiences?

There’s always a lot to learn from NANPA, whether it’s NANPA webinars and Sip & Share, NANPA handbooks, regional events, or NANPA’s advocacy work in conservation, ethics, and intellectual property protection. And, of course, there’s NANPA’s Showcase photo competition opening on August 1 and the student scholarship programs funded by the NANPA Foundation, not to mention being part of the nature photography community here. When is the last time you took a look at all NANPA has to offer?