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Showcase 2021 Winner: Jan Lightfoot

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Composite image of an eagle soaring off of a rock over a city. "Guardian of the City", 2021 Showcase, First Runner-Up, Altered Reality © Jan Lightfoot
“Guardian of the City,” 2021 Showcase, First Runner-Up, Altered Reality © Jan Lightfoot

Artist’s statement

When I create a composite, like Guardian of the City, I like to use individual images that have a strong potential to express a mood and use them to create a story. Sometimes I know ahead of time exactly what I want to create and other times it just happens spontaneously.  It’s great when my imagination kicks in.  Although many of my photographic images tend to reflect a long association with classic and traditional compositions, I have only just recently enjoyed a slight departure into the world of altered realities and artistic stylizing.  I find the challenge of creating altered images while retaining original photographic detail to be unique, fun and fascinating.

How I got the shot

Guardian of the City is a composite made up of three images: the eagle (taken in Klamath Falls), the rock (taken in Death Valley), and the city of Dubai (taken from the Burj Khalifa).  I was inspired to create this composite after working on a previous image in which I stretched the canvas to look like the viewer had a bird’s eye view of Canyonlands National Park.  I also realized I liked Guardian of the City in black and white much better than in color.

What I used

All of the images I used for the composite were taken with Canon cameras and lenses. The initial processing was done in Lightroom, and then composited in Photoshop.

About me

Since high school, I’ve enjoyed a long history with photography. Retired now, I’ve been a full-time photographer for over 10 years and live in Northern California. Over the years, I’ve discovered that the concept of “less is more” is what I like most about my own photography. I gravitate to things like light, shadow, texture, shapes, expressions, and gestures, but nature photography has always been the most exciting and challenging subject for me.  Not only do I learn a great deal about the subjects I photograph, my photography has taken me to amazing places all over the world.

Photography has really defined who I am today and when I die I’m sure I will have a camera in my hand.

My photographic journey

I’ve always loved photographing in nature, it was simply a matter of learning how to do it well.  It’s important to me that my images stir the senses of a deeper understanding of the natural world and, I dare say, even ancient wisdom. I give credit to Mark Citret for his influence on my “less is more” vision, and also to Ian Plant for his contagious enthusiasm and deep understanding of composition and use of light.

NANPA and me

I joined NANPA in December 2019. This is my first Showcase, and I am extremely pleased to have one image come in as First Runner-Up and another in the Top 250.

Learn more

Facebook: Jan Lightfoot Photography

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