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Get Your Eyes On featuring Steven David Johnson

By March 9, 2021No Comments

The Nature Photographer episode #9 on Wild & Exposed podcast

Now that Steven David Johnson’s Vernal Pools e-book is published, the conservation photographer has been closely observing jumping spiders near his home along the Shenandoah River in Virginia © Steven David Johnson

Trained in studio art and digital media, Steven David Johnson is driven by curiosity to closely observe the natural world right outside his door. His work includes macro and ultra macro (2.5-5x magnification) conservation photography, including documentation of vernal pools where biodiversity is largely hidden from the uninformed eye in daylight. Steve tells NANPA’s Dawn Wilson and Wild & Exposed’s Ron Hayes and Mark Raycroft how he stumbled upon these temporary spring ponds while documenting salamander life in Virginia—on a personal blog largely for the benefit of family back home in New York. Find out what’s so special about a vernal pool, what you’re likely to find living in one, and how to photograph it. Plus, learn why Steve’s vintage Star Wars Hammerhead figures are key to getting a great image.