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Conservation Begins in Your Backyard featuring Andrew Snyder

By February 9, 2021No Comments

The Nature Photographer episode #7 on Wild & Exposed Podcast

Gladiator tree frog on a tree limb near camera, image by Andrew Snyder
Gladiator Tree Frog © Andrew Snyder

For biologists like NANPA Conservation Committee Co-Chair Andrew Snyder, a beautiful image isn’t everything. Nature photographers can contribute to scientific understanding of wildlife and ecosystems, support publication-quality research, and effect change in environmental issues like biodiversity loss, but only if we share our images—even the imperfect ones—with scientists. Andrew introduces Dawn and Ron to a handful of tools to help us do that. He also tells about discovering a new species of tarantula in the uplands of Guiana Shield, photographing grizzly bears with Art Wolfe and a team of young photographers in Katmai, and what he’s doing at home to nurture a love for nature in his 1-year-old daughter.