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Showcase 2021 Winner: Scott Reither

By January 18, 2021No Comments
A long exposure seascape with a double rainblow brilliantly glowing above. Showcase 2021: “Kiss on the Horizon, Maui, Hawaii,” Best in Category, Scapes © Scott Reither
“Kiss on the Horizon,” Maui, Hawaii, 2021 Showcase Best in Category, Scapes © Scott Reither

Artist’s statement

There is power in photography that is easy to see but hard to develop. I never wanted to just create pretty photos. I wanted to move people with my images. It took me many years to find the keys to evocative imagery. Peace, beauty, depth and mood is what I seek—both in life and in my photographs. Kiss on the Horizon contains all of these elements!

If photography has taught me one thing, it is to seize the moment. When all of the elements converged here, I was simply inspired. This photograph reminds me to pay attention—to look out for those fleeting moments when the world gives you unexpected visions.

How I got the shot

On this occasion, I could perfectly predict what was about to unfold as I saw a rain cloud moving left to right across the horizon in the late afternoon light. 

As a photographer, I’ve learned to recognize certain light patterns over the years, but it’s rare for me to foresee an approaching light so completely. I captured a few frames of the rainbow as it formed in the perfect spot. It was like the rainbow knew its mark – I didn’t even need to re-compose! 

What I used

I used a Fujifilm GFX 50S and 32-64mm lens at 32mm. The exposure was f/11 at 30 seconds and ISO 125. I used a 3-stop Soft Grad to help balance out the exposure, and a Neutral Density filter. The exposure on this image was only 30 seconds, which is short for my style but I wanted the rainbow to remain sharp and vivid. I love how its colors punch through the soft neutrals in the rest of the frame – drawing your eyes to the horizon and delivering feelings of hope and optimism.

About me

I am a full-time professional fine art landscape photographer based in Maui, Hawaii.

My photographic journey

Early on my photographic path, I had the opportunity to meet Steve McCurry.

As he spoke, he said, “A still photograph is something which you put it on your wall and look at again and again. It becomes ingrained into your mind. A powerful photograph becomes iconic of a time and place.”

This really stood out to me. I realized that ,when I listened to my heart, the type of photographs I wanted to make were landscapes that people would want to hang on their walls and enjoy for a long time.

NANPA and me

I have been a member of NANPA for numerous years and have been lucky enough to have been recognized in previous Showcases.

Learn more

Instagram:  @scottreither

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