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How Do We Do It Better? featuring Gabby Salazar

By November 10, 2020No Comments

The Nature Photographer episode #3 on Wild & Exposed Podcast

Common noddy feeding its chick, image by Gabby Salazar
Common noddy, Anous stolidus, feeding a chick on Ile aux Coco, a small nature reserve on an islet off the coast of Rodrigues Island. The noddys breed on this tiny islet.

Special guest Gabby Salazar joins NANPA President Dawn Wilson and Wild & Exposed co-hosts Mark Raycroft and Jason Loftus to talk about her current research studying what types of images influence people to support conservation. Is it the beautiful image of a dolphin in the wild, a dolphin caught in a net, or a dolphin affected by marine plastic? Gabby may not have answers yet, but she has lots of other great questions to share.

This amazing “33-years-young” photographer tells us about her travels in Mauritius, Indonesia, Guatemala, Madagascar, and India—including her work as a Fulbright Scholar—but confesses that her favorite nature photography experience is something much closer to home. 

Gabby Salazar

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