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The Inaugural Episode featuring Charles Glatzer

By October 13, 2020No Comments

The Nature Photographer episode #1 on Wild & Exposed Podcast

Moose in water at sunset, image by Charles Glatzer
© Charles Glatzer

NANPA President Dawn Wilson and Wild & Exposed‘s Michael Mauro and Mark Raycroft sit down with Canon Explorer of Light Charles Glatzer, one of NANPA’s long-time members, for the inaugural episode. Chas covers a lot of terrain with his co-hosts—from mishaps in photographing bull elk to responsible wildlife photography behavior, emerging technology pros and cons, the benefits of NANPA membership, and that magical feeling of being in the field in the golden hour. “You’ve got to be dead not to feel that,” Chas says.

Learn more about Charles Glatzer:

Charles Glatzer
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