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Secrets to Showcase

By August 17, 2020No Comments
2021 NANPA Showcase Graphic

NANPA member Wendy Shattil is a full-time professional wildlife photographer with a list of accomplishments as long as your arm. She’s no stranger to awards and photo competitions, having won her first (of many) awards back in 1972. But did you know she was one of the people most responsible for creating NANPA’s Showcase photo competition, which grew out of a member photo slideshow at the 1999 NANPA Summit? She continues to be involved in the competition and administers the entire process. So, who better to give you some tips for selecting your best images, insight into the judging process and the critical role that good captions play.

As you’re scouring your catalog for images to enter in this year’s Showcase, it would be worth your while to review her webinar on “Photo Contest Secrets Revealed” in the Members’ Area of the NANPA website. In about an hour, you’ll get a wide variety of tips and tricks for photo contests in general, and Showcase in particular. Watch the video below for a quick sample.

What Photo Contest Judges Look For Tip from NANPA Video on Vimeo.

In addition, NANPA just released a new handbook on photo contest secrets. While its contents go beyond Showcase, the articles inside contain many valuable hints and some great advice. It’s also available, free, in the Members’ Area of NANPA’s website. One more member benefit . . . and incentive to join!

New this year is special recognition for “non-traditional” image captures. Not everyone is using an interchangeable lens camera these days. If you’re getting great images with you smartphone or tablet, soaring photos from your drone, candid shots with your trail camera, or moving shots with your GoPro or other action camera, enter those. Just don’t forget to check the box to indicate your “non-traditional” approach!

Of course, all entries are expected to abide by both NANPA’s Captioning Guidelines and Principles of Ethical Field Practices. But go one step further. Whether it’s an unusual animal activity or how you edited your alternate reality entry, anticipate any judges’ questions that might arise and answer them in the caption or the descriptive text you enter.

The entry period for Showcase closes on September 21st at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time. So, what are you waiting for? On your mark. Get set. GO!

You can learn more about Wendy Shattil and her photography at her website,