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Showcase 2020 Winner Profile – Greg Duncan

By May 11, 2020No Comments
Showcase 2020 Judges’ Choice, Scapes: "Over Iceland: Aerial View of Glacial Melt Waters" © Greg Duncan.
Showcase 2020 Judges’ Choice, Scapes: “Over Iceland: Aerial View of Glacial Melt Waters” © Greg Duncan.

How I Got the Shot

As Halldór Jónsson would say “The greatest artist of all is nature itself” I’ve been going to Iceland for the past several years photographing all its wonderful natural landscape. This is the first time photographing Iceland from the air and WOW what an unbelievable experience. But ,like anything worth doing, it does take preparation and good timing. Going in the summer gives you the best opportunities and hiring a skilled pilot with immense knowledge of the area is a must. I was fortunate to have a friend in Iceland who recommended Halldór Jónsson of Your Private Pilot and I highly recommend him for Iceland aerials. 

What I Used

For this image I used my Canon 5D Mark IV with a Canon 70-200mm, f4 lens for closer compositions and a Canon 7D Mark II with a 24-70mm, f4 lens for wider compositions. Having two camera bodies with different focal lengths available was crucial. And a neck strap!

About Me

My passion for photography started at a young age. Living along the coast of California with quick and easy access to places like Yosemite, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Mexico and San Diego I gained an appreciation for the outdoors and wanted to share what I saw with other people who might not have the same opportunities. As I grew older and began to travel to the outer parts of the world my passion grew into an obsession. I find myself always chasing the light.

My Photographic Journey

I became interested in nature photography because of the ever changing environment and the challenges of uncontrollable circumstances, like wind, sunlight, rain, movement, etc. You just never know what might happen. The best shots come from when you are prepared for all. But what truly keeps me coming back to photography are the friends that I have made along the way. Especially my good friend Ӧrvar Ꝥorgerirsson, who not only loves to share his passion for photography but also loves to share his knowledge of his country, Iceland. And through him and his images, I have also gained a genuine love for this beautiful Island called Iceland.

NANPA and Me

I’ve been a member of the North American Nature Photography Association going on 10 years now. I truly love the camaraderie and the wealth of information that is in NANPA. It’s an organization that truly cares not only for the photographer but also for what is being photographed. I’ve been fortuned enough to win in the Tier One and the cover of Expressions in 2014 with “Ultimate Iceland”; First Runner-Up with “Red Hot” in 2015; and First Runner-Up with “Entwined” in 2017.

Learn More About Me

My NANPA portfolio is:

I have an Instagram account, @gregduncan63 and my website is