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Showcase 2020 Winner Profile – Scott Trageser

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2020 Showcase, Best in Show: Conservation. "Desperate Deals, Mro Village, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh" © Scott Trageser. Villiager holding two birds that will be sold.
2020 Showcase, Best in Show: Conservation. “Desperate Deals, Mro Village, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh” © Scott Trageser.

How I Got the Shot

The area within the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh, that our conservation programs are focused and where this shot was taken is a restricted area. I was required to apply for the permit, stay in a designated area for a very limited timeframe, and also to be accompanied by four policemen at all times. We were guided by our indigenous parabiologists to this small, remote Mro village and luckily were able to convince them to pose with these hornbills which were being reared by the family. This photo was taken to demonstrate the challenges for both wildlife and the local people.

What I Used

Nikon D810, Nikkor 16-35 f/4 VR @19mm, 1/160, f/4, ISO 800, with a Nikon SB700 speed light on the hotshoe and bounced, and another SB700 in a softbox hand-held off camera.

About Me

I live an itinerant lifestyle, chasing jobs and opportunities as a professional photographer and conservationist, so I am never based anywhere long. Reptiles and amphibians are my favorite subjects, for both photography and research, but my photography is always aimed at promoting conservation. Bangladesh tends to offer some of the most exciting photographic experiences, as the country is impossible to predict, colorful in every sense of the word, and new species are begging to be discovered. For remote, expedition-style discovery and photography though, nothing beats Ecuador, in my humble opinion.

My Photographic Journey

The idea for connecting photography and wildlife came about from my university herpetology class, back in 2008, where a suggestion was made to bring a camera to document findings. Ever since then, cameras have been one of my primary tools to affect change in the world. It would have taken me far less time to reach this level in photography if I had ever taken a class, had a mentor, or even had the information available as it is today but, alas, my path seemed to call for a copious amount of trial and error.

NANPA and Me

I have been a NANPA member since 2014 and been featured as a top 100 or top 250 finalist in several Showcases, but this is my first shot to make “Best in Category” in Showcase.

Learn More About Me

My website generally has my most up to date portfolio and I include the most in-depth commentaries on Instagram and Facebook, which are also the best platforms to message me. I slack on Twitter but will pick it up again at some point

Facebook @Naturestills or @Scott Trageser
Instagram @Scott.Trageser.Photography