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Getting the Most From Your Long Lens: A NANPA Webinar

By January 17, 2020No Comments
Sandhill Cranes flying together © Bob Coates.
Sandhill Cranes © Bob Coates.

You have a long telephoto lens or you’re lusting after one. There’s nothing like that long reach to zoom in on birds and wildlife. But telephotos are not the easiest things to use and the longer the reach the more precise you have to be. Are you using your long glass to its full potential? Find out how you can squeeze all the possibilities (and then some) out of you long lenses in a NANPA webinar presented by Bob Coates on Thursday, February 13, at 6:00pm EST.

We asked Bob to give us an overview of what he’ll be covering.

“A long lens is a great tool for wildlife and nature photographers, no doubt about it. Many of us, though, don’t utilize some of the capabilities. If you are only using the lens to get extra reach, you are leaving a lot of uses untapped. In this webinar, I will share some ideas for you to get more bang for the bucks you’ve already spent acquiring that big glass. In addition to sharing some best practices to get sharp images of distant wildlife, I’ll talk about some techniques to get close-up images that are frame filling and almost macro in their look. As a micro 4/3rds camera user, we’ll also chat about the capabilities of the smaller format giving you good quality images in a smaller, lighter and less expensive package.

“I’ll highlight some new ways to ‘see’ and think about using your gear. We’ll also be talking about some inexpensive add-ons which give you even more possibilities for close-up imagery.

“This webinar can help get you out of a creative rut by experimenting with your long lens gear. I’ll show you how to use your long lenses to their best capabilities and describe my good practices. You’ll also see how you can push your technique and equipment for creative imagery you might not have thought of before.”

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