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Happy Holidays sign
Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst.

Just as there are many types of nature photographer and many ways to frame a shot, NANPA’s members come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, with differing perspectives and beliefs.  From all of us at NANPA, best wishes to all of you on whichever holidays or traditions you find meaningful and celebrate.

There’s a saying that the camera doesn’t take the picture.  It’s the photographer’s vision, skill and creativity that make the shot. In the same vein, a membership organization like NANPA thrives or withers based on what our members bring to and gain from the collective whole.

As we look back on 2019, there’s a lot to be proud of and thankful for.  Thanks to the members who have shared their expertise and insights here on this blog, on webinars, leading regional events and speaking at 2019’s Nature Photography Summit and 2020’s Nature Photography Celebration. Thanks to the members who volunteer to serve on committees and in leadership roles, managing awards programs, planning conferences and creating handbooks and position statements. To those who advocate for the rights of photographers, who encourage conservation photography and ethics, and who help teach the next generation of photographers in NANPA’s High School Scholarship and Summit College Scholarship Programs.  Thanks to the judges and volunteers who make NANPA’s Showcase competition run so smoothly and thanks to thanks to the many great companies and organizations who support the work of NANPA.

Most of all, thanks to each and every one of you for making NANPA a vibrant community.  But benefits flow two ways, you know.  Next time you’re online with a few minutes of time on your hands, take another look at NANPA’s Members’ Area.  Discounts on products and services, webinars and workshops.  Insurance policies, take down notices and handbooks.  There’s a lot on offer.

So, enjoy a terrific holiday season.  Then go out there and capture some great nature photography moments!