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Wildlife Photography and Book Design

By December 20, 2019No Comments
Page layout for a book with a photo of a leopard and text.
“Claws Spread” in book layout. © Dr. Paul Brooke.

You’ve put your wildlife photos on Instagram and other social media, as prints and on notecards.  What’s next?  Books!  Have you ever wanted to see your work in a book, either self-published or in someone else’s collection?  What’s involved in preparing your files?  What design work must you do?  In a NANPA webinar, Dr. Paul Brooke will walk us through the process of Wildlife Photography and Book Design on January 2, 2020 at 5:00pm EST.

In this 1.5-hour presentation, Dr. Brooke will teach you about the layout and design of photography books using Adobe InDesign. Topics covered include page layout, color palettes, text/image balance, cover design and overall aesthetic.

“These techniques will help you reimagine your own photographic work on social media outlets by seeing how design can enhance the presentation of your own images” Brooke says.

Image of a page layout with two photos and two blocks of text.
Introduction Spread © Dr. Paul Brooke.

“Participants will learn the difference between publishing on your own (self-publishing), epublishing, publishing with a small press and publishing with a large press. Brooke will show examples from the various platforms as a way to decide what would work best for you. He will discuss cost, challenges and quality of product.”

Brooke will teach you cover design, page layout, balance between word and image, aesthetics, color palettes and much more.

He will also discuss what he looks for when collaborating with photographers for projects, specifically the new book he is currently publishing with a large scientific publisher. So learn how to submit your own images to get in someone else’s book!

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