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Photographing Birds of Prey

By December 9, 2019No Comments
Photo of owl in flight, © Scott Dere.
Photo © Scott Dere

Birds of Prey are fascinating animals.  Fierce and determined, swift and dangerous, they make great photographic subjects.  But, and there’s always a “but” in nature photography, they’re devilishly difficult to photograph.  If you’ve found yourself challenged when attempting to capture great images of these magnificent creatures, sign up now for NANPA’s Webinar, “Photographing Birds of Prey,” presented by Scott Dere, which will begin on Wednesday, December 11th at 4pm EST.

Scott’s presentation will cover the basics on how to find, identify and photograph raptors in the wild. You will learn techniques for stabilization, metering, and autofocus; get tips on how to approach the birds and how to anticipate their movements for the best photography; and learn about ethical behavior while out in the field.

Scott provided us with a sample of what he’ll be covering:

“Success in birding often comes down to persistence and hours spent in the field. Birds of prey are quite habitual animals. And, a photographer can often rely on a local bird frequenting certain areas that it has found success in. Repeat visits to these locations by the photographer are key in building a portfolio on these special birds.

“When undisturbed, raptors will continually return to use familiar branches to hunt from, as well as areas it knows it can roost undisturbed by others safely. Ultimately all the study that has gone into photographing any bird of prey comes from years of observing the animal’s behavior. Almost all great wildlife photography is based on the animal’s behavior and that is what will give everyone a proper understanding of how the animals live in the world today.

“Join me for this webinar and get some peripheral vision on how to approach birds of prey without scaring them off and photographing them in their natural habitats like the pros do.”

Available to NANPA members only, webinars are part of your member benefits. Members can register for upcoming webinars and view past ones in the Members’ Area of the NANPA website.