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Birds are Back at Bosque, and so is Your Chance for Great Photos!

By November 18, 2019No Comments
photo of birds at sunrise.
There are great opportunities for bird photography at Bosque del Apache. Photo ©Cathy Illg and Adventure Photography Photo Tours.

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is on most nature photographers’ bucket lists, and for good reason.  Upwards of 15,000 sandhill cranes and around 50,000 Ross’s and snow geese spend part of the winter there.  The opportunities for bird photography are, as one might imagine, simply incredible. Just ask anyone who’s been there. The stories they tell will make you want to pack your camera bag immediately!

Now could be your chance to experience this magnificent show.  Professional photographer Cathy Illg leads a NANPA Regional Field Event at Bosque del Apache in just a few weeks, December 5 – 8, 2019.  She reports the birds are arriving early and the ponds and fields should be packed with birds by the time you get there.

During this Regional Field Event, you’ll be photographing during the prime morning and evening hours, as the huge flocks of birds take off and return.  The liftoff of thousands of birds is a sight not to be missed, but miss it you might without an experienced guide and photographer like Cathy, who knows the best locations and the best times for terrific photo opportunities.

Got a friend who’s an enthusiastic nature photographer but not yet a NANPA member?  NANPA’s Regional Events are open to non-members, too, for a slightly higher fee. Registration closes November 20th, so don’t delay.  Check this one magnificent experience off your bucket list! Get all the information here.

Curious about NANPA’s Regional Events but aren’t sure what the experience is like? Check out NANPA President Tom Haxby’s description of a recent one in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Then visit the main Regional Events web page for more info about some great upcoming events.