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Wildlife Comedy and Conservation

By September 25, 2019No Comments
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards combine comedy and conservation.
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards combine comedy and conservation.

If you’re feeling a little blue after all the bad news from the Global Climate Strike and UN Climate Action Summit, or from reports of damaging hurricanes, massive bird die off and insect apocalypse, (or pretty much any time you turn on the news) you probably need a little cheering up.  Enter the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards!

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (CWPA) competition was started four years ago to provide (a) a little light-hearted entertainment and (b) highlight the cause of conservation. So, if you’re in need of a smile, check out the finalists in this year’s contest.  Winners will be announced on November 13th.

Beyond the humor, there is the serious issue of conservation. CWPA points viewers to Born Free, a UK-based, international wildlife charity, but also points to each of us. Whether through the way we shop, use water and other resources, or talk about conservation with family, friends and colleagues, “every single thing you do has an influence.”  CWPA also challenges us to be “wild influencers,” actively advocating for conservation causes.

In a more serious vein, if you’re in the mood for inspiration from some spectacularly beautiful nature photography, check out the winners of the British Wildlife Photography Awards.  Or, for that matter, any nature photography awards—Audubon, National Geographic Travel Photography Contest, or any of the calendars you get with fundraising appeals from friends of the parks or conservancies—you get the idea.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention NANPA’s Showcase Competition, which just ended. You can view the top 250 stunning images from last year’s competition in the 2019 issue of Expressions in the Members’ Area of

If a little humor or inspiration challenges us to take steps, however small, towards conservation of the beautiful scenes and species we so enjoy, maybe we can preserve them for future generations. Who knows, maybe the next photo you take will motivate you to become a “wild influencer.”