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New Conservation Category in NANPA’s Showcase Competition!

By August 28, 2019No Comments
Monarch caterpillar. Monarch butterfly numbers have been declining at an alarming rate.  A meadow planted with milkweed, a favorite of Monarchs, helps provide suitable habitat for the annual migration of these majestic butterflies.  Several citizen science projects encourage people to help track the migration, reduce pesticide use and plant butterfly-friendly flowers and other vegetation. Photo by Frank Gallagher.

NANPA’s Showcase competition includes a new category this year:  conservation!  In addition to birds, mammals, ‘scapes, macro/micro/other and altered reality, you can enter photos that speak to conserving species, ecosystems and places. So get your conservation images ready to enter!

What is a conservation photograph?

It’s “an image that tells a story with an issue behind it.”  The story can be told by the image, itself, or in tandem with a caption.  It’s more than a pretty picture.  Beyond a beautiful and technically perfect image, there’s also something about or in it that speaks to impact. 

Conservation photos can tell stories that impact issues large or small, in positive or negative ways, before, during or after a conservation challenge.  A strong story and impact are key to success in this Showcase category.

The strongest contenders will be “well-captured and well-captioned.” Good photos will have layers of interest and meaning.  They can smack you in the face or have a very subtle impact on viewers. Conservation photos can make viewers happy or upset and can include humans as well as nature.

Conservation has been in the DNA and central to the purpose and mission of NANPA from its founding.  NANPA members are working on major conservation issues, like global warming or species extinction, and smaller or more localized problems.  They’re shooting for international magazines and camera club e-newsletters, for national conservation organizations or a local friends of a park conservancy, in collaboration with a big, research university or as part of a citizen science project.

You may have the perfect entry in your files already, but there’s still time to capture prize-winning images.  The deadline for entries is September 16 (11:00 PM EDT). 

Looking for inspiration?  Check out NANPA’s Conservation page for links to blog articles, NANPA’s Conservation Photography Handbook, citizen science projects, and more.

From rules to judges’ bios, find all the information you need at NANPA’s Showcase 2020 Conservation page. The judges look forward to seeing your conservation photography!