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Showcase 2019 Winner Profile – Amy Marques

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Showcase 2019: Best in Show, Altered Reality: The Dreamer- A Fantasy of Flying Penguins © Amy Marques.

Showcase 2019: Best in Show, Altered Reality: The Dreamer- A Fantasy of Flying Penguins © Amy Marques.


Since first taking up nature photography in 2009, Amy has discovered that the passion allows her to capture many emotional moments and details in nature that she would not have normally noticed.

Amy’s nature photography has done well with NANPA, winning many placements in Top 100, Top 250, a Judge’s Choice, two Showcase winnings and one image published on the front cover of NANPA 2018 Expressions.  She has also had two Highly Honored in the Windland Smith Rice Nature’s Best, one being chosen for exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.  Other winnings include Share the View- Greater Denver Audubon, National Wildlife Society, among others.

Your Name:  Amy Marques

Title of Your Winning Image: The Dreamer- A Fantasy of Flying Penguins

About your winning Showcase image:

1)  How I Got the Shot

In addition to photographing true to life images with minimum editing, I also love creating digital art.  As my photography trip to the Falkland Islands approached, I envisioned a surreal scene of soaring penguins. Keeping that thought in the back of my mind I took many images in the region that might work together in a composite.  The final result was created with fourteen separate images including black-browed albatross in flight.  Their long, outstretched wings were borrowed and applied to soaring rockhopper penguins in the background.

2)  What I Used

The equipment used included a Canon IDX, a Canon EF 17-40 mm f/4L USM and a Canon EF 70-200 mm f/2.8L IS USM, handheld, with a variety of settings.  The atmospheric conditions and directional light of each picture had to be similar for the composite to make sense.  Photoshop was used to match each image color balance in the grouping, to warp several body parts into the correct angle.  Topaz ReMask was my software of choice to extract individual penguins from their original image.

3)  About Me

As a serious enthusiastic hobbyist taking up nature photography in 2009 after learning how to post-process my late husband’s nature images on Photoshop.  I did for that for several years and learned a lot about photography just from doing that.  Birds are my favorite objects to photograph and being based in Florida, there is a very nice variety of avian species to seek out.

4)  My Photographic Journey

Since a young child in grade school, I have always loved birds and wanted to photograph them. My earliest interest in nature photography came from a colorful photographic bird guide containing images that completely mesmerized me.  Although it wasn’t until I was middle aged before equipping myself with serious photography gear and learning how to use it, I learned as much as I can admiring and studying pictures in nature magazines and reading photography critic forums.  Published, major award-winning images were my inspiration.

5)  NANPA and Me

I have been a member of NANPA since 2011.  I’ve had the honor of receiving numerous Top 100 and Top 250 images and a Judge’s Choice published in Expressions, one image was recognized as a Showcase winner and chosen for the front cover on 2017 Expressions.

6)  Where Can People Learn More About You? 

Please view my images at

My NANPA Portfolio is: