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Showcase 2019 Winner Profile – Robert Schamerhorn

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Showcase 2019 Mammals, Best in Show: Red Fox - Mouth Full of Voles © Robert Schamerhorn.

Showcase 2019 Mammals, Best in Show: Red Fox – Mouth Full of Voles © Robert Schamerhorn.



Bob Schamerhorn was propelled into nature photography as a result of the digital age. In 2006, a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a Peregrine Falcon on a beach in Cabo San Lucas sparked the transition from a point-and-shoot to a semi-pro camera. Within two years he began presenting programs at bird clubs, wildlife festivals and Audubon groups. He now keeps a full speaker schedule and displays at thirty art shows a year. Occasional publishing opportunities for book and magazine covers, plus photography contests have provided recognition and, in  2015, nature photography became a full time vocation.

Your Name:Robert Schamerhorn

Title of Your Winning Image:  Red Fox – Mouth Full of Voles

About your winning Showcase image:

1)  How I Got the Shot

We watched this Red Fox trot down the beach, cross a creek, then run out into the adjacent field where it hunted voles. It followed a similar path each time it came back. “Nature repeats itself,” I thought. I imagined this straight-on image as it came back up the beach with its catch. So, I lowered my tripod, changed my focus mode, got belly-down in the sand and waited next to its preferred trail. On its very next trip my vision and efforts were rewarded with this dynamic image.

2)  What I Used

Equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark III • Canon 600mm f-4 Prime USM L Series Lens • Gitzo Series 3 Tripod • Wimberly Head WH-101 • Exposure: Shutter Speed = 1/1250 second • +1 Compensation • Aperture = f-4 • Exposure Mode = Aperture Priority • Focus Mode: AiServo • Lens (Focal) Length = 600 mm • ISO = 400 • Aprox. Camera Distance = ~20 Feet (and closing).

3)  About Me

I have been a lifelong nature lover, artist and photographer. As of 2015, I’m also an enthusiastic professional nature photographer. I am primarily a “bird guy”, but also have an admiration for all flora and fauna. I consider myself an enthusiast, not an expert!

My favorite photographic setting has been birds at a backyard birdbath, lovingly know as “The Bird Spa” water-feature. Favorite places: Richmond, VA backyard; Chincoteague NWR in VA; Fort De Soto Park in FL; Makapu’u coastline on Oahu, HI and just about anywhere in Alaska.

4)  My Photographic Journey

I’ve had a passion for nature and art since childhood. In my youth, my enthusiasm was nurtured by several local Ornithological organizations. My first photography endeavor was with a vintage Imperial Mark 27 dentist camera, macro style, around the age of twelve. In high school I developed film in a basement darkroom. Later, I studied art at Virginia Tech and have worked in related fields ever since. More recently, opportunities to share my photography began to appear: publishings, art shows, seminars and speaker engagements ensued. My hope is to inspire the conservation of nature, by capturing and sharing its beauty.

5)  NANPA and Me

I am deeply honored by this, my first, NANPA recognition. I’ve been a NANPA member since 2016.

6)  Where Can People Learn More About You? 

Visit to see more of my work, the “Pic of the Week” photoblog and appearance schedule.

I’m on Facebook at

Birdbath photos and info at

My NANPA Portfolio is: