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Google Plus Will Shut Down

By October 10, 2018No Comments

Google + will shut down in August, 2019.

Google announced that Google + will be shutting down next August.  Created in 2011 and intended to compete with Facebook, the social network of the search engine giant never really caught on with consumers and Google hasn’t been pushing it in recent years.  While the consumer version of Google + will close, an enterprise version will remain.

Google also disclosed a potential data breach that might involve up to 500,000 Google + users.  In a blog post, Google said that a bug in the API potentially made personal data available to apps built to work with Google +, even if the data was marked private.  According to Google, the data was limited to name, email address, occupation, age and gender.  The bug was found in an internal audit and Google says they have no indication that any app developer was aware of the bug or tried to exploit it.

Over the next ten months, users will have to download or migrate their data to other platforms.  If you have a Google + account, you’ll be receiving emails explaining your choices and how to implement them.

More detailed information about the whys and wherefores of Google’s decisions are explained in their blog.