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Showcase 2018 Winner Profile – Rick Beldegreen

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2018 Showcase Winner: Judges' Choice Award in Macro/Micro/All Other Wildlife Category © Rick Beldegreen.

2018 Showcase Winner: Judges’ Choice Award in Macro/Micro/All Other Wildlife Category © Rick Beldegreen.


I am a semi-retired veterinarian who has been involved with photography for over 50 years.  Since selling my veterinary practice, I have had the time to travel extensively in search of unique wildlife opportunities.  I enjoy photographing anything that flies, crawls, swims, runs or walks.  I obtained my SCUBA certification about 10 years ago just so I could explore the opportunities offered by underwater photography. .

Your Name: Rick Beldegreen

Title of Your Winning Image:  Whale Shark in Sun Rays


Related to your winning Showcase image:


How did you get the image?

I traveled to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, during whale shark season, which is typically at its peak in July and August.  Over several days, we observed several hundred whale sharks in the area which made for “easy pickings” for photography.

What was special about this opportunity you had to capture the image?

It was such a unique experience to be in the presence of such huge, magnificent animals in such close proximity. At times there were so many sharks that it became difficult to avoid contact with them as they cruised by with their mouths wide open while feeding.

What equipment and camera settings were you using to capture the image?

I used a Nikon D500 and Tokina 10-17 mm fisheye lens in a Nauticam housing.  My camera settings were 1/200, f/9 and ISO 800.

 Related to your nature photography:

How long have you been photographing and what, in particular, got you into nature photography?

Photography has been part of my life for about 50 years.  From the start, my interest was always wildlife, which is not surprising as my profession is veterinary medicine.

Describe your nature photography experience level and current status.

I would describe my experience level to be advanced amateur.  Since retiring from veterinary medicine, I feel I have vastly improved my photography skills now that I have the time to more thoroughly immerse myself in my life-long hobby.

How should people follow you or see more of your work?

My work can be viewed at  My Instagram account is @rickbeldegreenphotography and my Facebook page,,  is 100% devoted to my photography.


My NANPA Portfolio is: