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Showcase 2018 Winner Profile – Wendy Kaveney

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Mammals Judges' Choice: Dustbathing Elephant

Mammals Judges’ Choice: Dustbathing Elephant-Showcase 2018 © Wendy Kaveney


I have been in pursuit of creating high quality photographs since the mid 1990’s. I have refined my vision by many hours in the field and by participating in photography workshops, pursuing the many facets of photography that interest me. I am currently co-leading photography tours and love sharing my knowledge and passion for photography with others.

I am represented by the Jaynes Gallery at the Danita Delimont Stock Photography Agency and have been published nationally and internationally in magazines, ads, books, calendars, greeting cards and brochures. I am a member of NANPA and currently live in Buckeye, AZ.

Your Name: Wendy Kaveney

Title of Your Winning Image: Slow Shutter Dust Bathing Elephant


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How did you get the image?

At the end of an afternoon safari in the Caprivi Strip in Namibia, we encountered a group of elephants dust bathing. They were backlit, but the light level was low, so I slowed the shutter down to capture the flow of the backlit dust rather than freezing that motion.

What was special about this opportunity you had to capture the image?

The elephant family was unfazed by our presence.  The low light and dust in the air created atmosphere and a tranquil mood. While happy to get this image, the experience of watching their behavior and listening to the sounds of the elephants will always be a fond memory for me.

What equipment and camera settings were you using to capture the image?

Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM +1.4xIII teleconverter, 1/50 sec @ f 4.0, ISO 8000. Beanbag support.  Converting the scene to black and white enhanced the mood of this photograph and made it feel timeless.

 Related to your nature photography:

How long have you been photographing and what, in particular, got you into nature photography?

I have been photographing professionally since the mid 1990s.  Macro photography was a passion of mine at the time and intimately photographing flowers turned me on to nature photography. I have since broadened my interests to include landscapes, wildlife, and, living in the southwest now, backyard and migratory bird photography.

Describe your nature photography experience level and current status.

Over the years, I have attended many nature photo workshops and tours. I have made eight trips to Namibia since 2009, with the most recent three as a photo co-leader. I create nature and travel stock images and am represented in the Jaynes Gallery at Danita Delimont Stock Photography.

How should people follow you or see more of your work?

I have a web site: I am slowly migrating images to this new website, so to see more photographs, just follow the links on the new site. I also have a Facebook Page: and you can view my stock images at

My NANPA Portfolio is: