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From the Executive Director – Susan Day

By July 31, 2018No Comments

NANPA’s Board terms end on June 30, and new directors take office on July 1, which is also the date that presidents change. I had the privilege of working with Don Carter for a year as president, and on July 1, Don passed the gavel to Gordon Illg. To say that Gordon jumped in with both feet would be putting it mildly.

By July 12, besides participating in several committee calls and weekly orientation meetings, Gordon had already conducted a board teleconference meeting on July 6 and an in-person board meeting on July 11-12 in St Louis. Here are a few highlights from those meetings:

Membership—continues to see slow but steady growth with our most significant source of new members being referrals from NANPA members. In November, we started using a new communications system that allows us to customize mailings to targeted groups. We are still learning how to use the many features of this robust system, but so far it has been a real admin time-saver, and the reporting options will help us with future marketing and promotion campaigns. Our members are our most prominent ambassadors, so please spread the word about NANPA. Tools to Help Promote NANPA.


Webinars—after a brief summer break, our webinar program started again on July 26 with Just Below the Surface by Steven David Johnson. If you missed this or any previous webinars, you could view them by logging into the members’ area of the website. Two other upcoming webinar topics include the Aurora Borealis with Carl Johnson on August 17 and –just in time to help select your Showcase images—Photo Contest Secrets with Wendy Shattil on September 4.


Regional Events—the board approved a Florida birding workshop with Maresa Pryor Luzier based in Titusville on January 27-30, 2019. Other events scheduled for 2019 include a new Yellowstone Snowcoach Tour on January 12-14, An Astrophotography Workshop in Arches National Park on June 3-6, and Fall in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on October 3-6.


NANPA Handbooks—these have been in the works for a while, but we’re getting close to finishing the first two ebooks that have been prepared by the Conservation and Ethics Committees. We’ll provide more info as its available.


Conservation Citizen Science Projects—the Conservation committee has launched a new resource for those who want to use their photography for a purpose. The database is on the website at this link: You’ll find projects from bird and butterfly migration to seahorses, roadkill, invasive plant species, reptiles, amphibians, and more.


College and High School Scholarship Programs—College committee co-chairs, Ben Olson and Michele Westmorland have been planning the 2019 program which will take place in conjunction with the Las Vegas Summit. The application deadline is October 31, so if you are a college student, or know one, be sure to apply soon. Info

Funding for the College Program is by the NANPA Foundation, which is supported by member donations.


The 2018 High School Scholarship Program hosted ten students at the Tremont Institute in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on July 2-7. NANPA thanks program chair, Kika Tuff for organizing and coordinating this year’s program. Other full-time instructors included Morgan Heim and Steven Johnson. Pros for the day were Todd Amacker, Tom Haxby, JP Lawrence, Bill Lea, and Todd Pierson. NANPA is grateful to Canon and Canon Professional Services for providing cameras, flashes, and other equipment for the students to use for this program. Funding for this program is by the NANPA Foundation, the fStop Foundation, and member donations.


Future Celebrations and Summits—the board authorized Gina Head, NANPA’s Meeting Planner, to research locations to hold a Nature Photography Celebration in 2020 and for the Nature Photography Summit and Trade Show in 2021. Gina and I will be attending an association industry conference and trade show in Chicago this month to talk to potential cities and venues for these events.


2019 Summit and Trade Show—will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada from February 21-23, 2019 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. Keynote speakers: James Balog, Sue Flood, George Lepp, Joel Sartore, and Florian Schultz. Emcee will be Sonia Wasco. We have received agreements from all Breakout, Super Sessions, and Lightning Talk speakers, and the committee is editing and updating content for the website, which will post in the coming weeks. Registration will open in October.


NANPA Contractors—the board reviewed all independent contractors’ agreements. New contracts with Frank Gallagher were approved for the 2019 Expressions Editor and the Blog Content Coordinator positions effective August 1. The decision was made to terminate the agreement with Alisa Hines for services as Communications and Marketing Coordinator.


NANPA Board Member-at-large of the Executive Committee–Lisa Langell was approved to fill this position for this fiscal year.


Advocacy for Nature Photographers—Advocacy Committee members, Jane Halperin and Sean Fitzgerald continue to participate in weekly meetings with the Visual Artists Coalition and Copyright Alliance (which NANPA is a member of) to keep informed on advocacy issues in Washington DC that affect nature photographers.


As you can see, the NANPA board reviews and discusses a variety of topics and issues that affect our organization. It’s a hard-working group that cares about NANPA and the nature photography community. If you know someone who you feel is qualified to serve on the NANPA Board of Directors, (or if you are interested), fill out a NANPA Board Nomination Questionnaire form in the members’ area of the website.



Susan Day

NANPA Executive Director