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Showcase 2018 Winner Profile – Lee Friedman

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Macro/Micro/All Other Wildlife Runner Up: This House is Mine-Showcase 2018. © Lee Friedman


Lee Friedman is a Computer Engineer and Technology Leader. However, his passion is the study of nature in all forms. Lee began capturing images at the age of 12. He has developed his love of nature and photography into a serious creative outlet. His nature photographs have won awards from the North American Nature Photography Association and the Georgia Nature Photography Association. His images have hung in exhibits in many galleries in Georgia including The Chattahoochee Nature Center, The Fernbank Science Center, and the Bowen Art Gallery. Lee enjoys hiking and scouting for moments in time when unique things happen in natural settings. His subject matter includes birds, insects, animals, sea life, astrophotography, macro-photography, sunrises, sunsets, and unusual landscapes. His images may be viewed and purchased at his website Natural Moment Images which can be found at Lee lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife, two children, four cats and all the nature his backyard can hold.


Lee Friedman

Winning Image: “This House is Mine”


How did you get the image?

I was taking a sunrise walk along the beach with my camera. I came across this shell in a tide pool. Thinking it was empty, I turned it over, and this beautiful creature came peeking out. He just sat there watching me while I captured some images.

What was special about this opportunity you had to capture the image?

I was particularly interested in this specimen cause he was huge, bigger than my hand! He was a lot of fun to visit.

What equipment and camera settings were you using to capture the image?

I was walking with my Canon 7D (original, not the Mark 2) and a 24-70mm lens. Settings were 1/250 sec @ F5.6, ISO 200 at 45mm.


Related to your nature photography:


How long have you been photographing and what, in particular, got you into nature photography?

I started in Middle School. It began with walking in parks and the shore, without a camera, just finding things in nature. Later I added the camera so I could capture more and disturb less. Now, almost 50 years later, this is my muse.

Describe your nature photography experience level and current status.

I consider myself a gifted amateur. Always learning, vexed at my mistakes and proud when it works. I’ve only recently started entering competitions. NANPA was my first and a big boost when I was recognized.

How should people follow you or see more of your work?

Recently, I established a gallery at There’s a Facebook page, Natural Moment Images, and a YouTube channel coming soon too.

You can also see more of Lee’s images in his NANPA portfolio at