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Weekly Wow! Week of July 9, 2018

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Least Bittern with Fish, Lakeland, Florida (Category: Birds) © Peter Brannon

To see all of this week’s Weekly Wow! images, go to NANPA’s home page at and view the slideshow.

The following Showcase images have been selected to appear on the NANPA home page for the week beginning Monday, July 9, 2018 –

Peter Brannon – “Least Bittern with Fish, Lakeland, Florida” (Category: Birds)

Wendy Kaveney – “Slow shutter dustbathing elephant, Babwata Park Core area, Caprivi Strip, Namibia” (Category: Mammals)

Nate Chappell – “Pampas Fox carrying Kit to a new den, Piuval Lodge, the Pantanal, Brazil ” (Category: Mammals)

Jodi Frediani – “Suspended – humpback mother & calf, Vava\’u, Tonga” (Category: Mammals)

Cameron Azad – “Tiger Shark and Sunball, Tiger Beach, Bahamas” (Category: Macro/Micro/All Other)

Peter Brannon – “Royal Terns, St. Petersburg, Florida” (Category: Birds)

William Pohley – “Acorn Woodpeckers, fighting, Tuscon, Arizona” (Category: Birds)