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Spring Brings Growth in Nature and NANPA

By June 11, 2018No Comments


For many, spring brings about chirping birds, blooming flowers, baby wildlife, and clicking cameras. This particular spring has also signaled growth in NANPA as our membership surpassed 2,400 active members at the end of April.

Why does a growing membership in NANPA matter? Among other reasons, an increase in membership intensifies the impact that NANPA has when representing nature photographers’ interest in front of governmental entities. This means improving nature photography for all.

NANPA’s total reach is more than 25,000 individual nature photographers through our membership, former members, and social media followers. That means we have less than 10% of those as members. Our voice is louder when our membership grows.

In the past year, more than half of NANPA’s new members have joined because they heard about NANPA through a friend, workshop, photography club, or other photographer’s site.

Thank you to the following NANPA members who referred new members to the organization:

Melissa Groo,  Charles Needle,  Rick Sammon,  Ashleigh Scully,  Art Wolfe, and Sandy Zelasko

How can you help recruit new members to the organization?

Everyone wins with a larger membership. Your reasons for being a member are the best testimonials for belonging to NANPA. Share with others what you gain by being a member and ask just one person to join. It’s easier than ever to find someone to invite:

Share why you’re a member on your favorite social media channel and ask someone else to join.
Mention NANPA at your next local camera club meeting. Write a blog post and share why you’re a member (send a copy to NANPA, too, for our blog).
Talk about NANPA at your next photography workshop – even if you’re not the presenter.
Belong to a Meetup group? Share information there. Include the “NANPA Member” logo on your website.
Share NANPA News

Find tools and other ideas for helping recruit new NANPA members on the NANPA website.

Help us get to at least 2,500 members by the end of the summer!

Teresa Ransdell, NANPA Membership Director