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Weekly Wow! Week of 05.14.18

By May 15, 2018No Comments

© Elijah Goodwin


The following Showcase images have been selected to appear on the NANPA home page for the week beginning Monday, May 14, 2018 –

Elijah Goodwin – “Supermoon Eclipse, Tarrytown, NY, USA” (Category: Altered Reality)

Douglas Croft – “Running Cheetah – Blurred Motion, Kruger National Park, South Africa” (Category: Mammals)

Thanh Tran – “The hungry juvenile Peregrine Falcon, California” (Category: Birds)

Roy Swoboda – “Manitoba Stars, Canada” (Category: Scapes)

William Pohley – “Northern Gannet Close-up, Bonaventure Island, Perce, Canada” (Category: Birds)

Brenda Tharp – “Tidal Flats, Cook Inlet, Alaska” (Category: Scapes)

Matthew Meier – “Pink Anemonefish in Magnificent Anemone, Anda, Bohol, Philippines” (Category: Macro/Micro/All Other)