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From the Executive Director

By April 27, 2018No Comments


Susan Day, NANPA Executive Director

NANPA recently recognized our volunteers during National Volunteer Week. I knew there were a lot of people who helped our organization, but frankly, when I read through the list, I was impressed with how many of you pitch in. On behalf of NANPA and the board of directors, I thank you all once more. I wish there was room here to give a public shout-out to everyone, but here’s a link to the latest volunteer list that’s on our website.


Associations like NANPA depend on volunteers for help with large projects, small tasks, and everything in between. I’ve done my share of volunteering through the years, for NANPA and other groups that I belong to. There’s so much more than just the satisfaction of contributing to something you love and support. It’s not so much about the work as it is about intangibles, such as the people you work with, the relationships you form, and the friendships that result. Even the business contacts you develop. Some of my lifelong friends and photography and gardening buddies are a direct result of volunteering together—otherwise we probably would never have met.

  1. Wondering where to start?
  2. Well, you already have a mutual interest with a majority of our members if you enjoy nature and photography. NANPA has twelve committees that cover a range of interests and skills. Check them out here and see if there’s something that you’d like to learn more about or offer assistance with.


  1. What if I’m a beginner and don’t know much about nature photography?
  2. It doesn’t matter! Do you have organizational skills? Like to do internet research? Can you transcribe recordings? Love being on Facebook or Instagram? Do you enjoy teaching or working with the next generation? How about planning events or tracking down details for projects? Have you ever led a team? Have you ever worked on a team? Want to help with a Meetup group in your area? I’m confident we can find a place for you based on your interests and how much time you can devote. Contact Membership Director, Teresa Ransdell, and she’ll answer questions about any current openings or tasks.


  1. What if I’m a professional photographer who doesn’t have time to spend on committee work?
  2. NANPA is always looking for regional event or workshop leaders, speakers, webinar presenters, and blog writers. Some of these, such as regional event and workshop leaders, receive honoraria and NANPA covers some out-of-pocket expenses. You may not think that’s a lot, but once we work out the details of your event, NANPA takes it from there. We make all the hotel and meeting arrangements, promote to all our mailing lists and social media outlets, manage attendee questions and registrations, insurance, permits, and all the details. All you have to do is help promote it to your mailing and social media lists and show up.


If you write a blog post or lead a webinar prior to your event, you’ll get additional exposure from our membership and the public. Volunteering a little time and expertise is a great way for workshop leaders, speakers, and writers to build credibility and name recognition via NANPA—while adding to their client base. Pro members can also promote their own workshops and events on NANPA’s event calendar , once a week on the Facebook Group page, or through mailing list rentals.

If you’d like to be a webinar presenter, email Teresa Ransdell at . Blog writers can submit ideas at

To volunteer to be a regional event leader, click this link:

Belonging to a membership organization is really all about members and offering benefits and services that help them with their craft and enhance their experiences. NANPA wouldn’t have survived nearly 25 years without the commitment and dedication of hundreds of volunteers. If you’re interested in filling out a Volunteer Interest Profile, you can find it here:

With gratitude,

Susan Day