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Take Action NOW to Help Make Copyright Small Claims Tribunal Happen

By April 10, 2018No Comments

NANPA is working hard with other photography and visual arts associations and the Copyright Alliance to establish a copyright “small claims” tribunal. This court would provide artists and photographers with an easier and cheaper way to protect their copyright without the massive expense of a typical federal court claim. It is a game-changer, if we can get it passed.

That combined effort resulted in the introduction of HR 3945, The CASE Act (Copyright Alternative in Enforcement Act), which is making its way through Congress now. We have gathered many supporters for the CASE Act, but its passage is still not assured. The CASE Act is hitting a crucial junction in the legislative process NOW and we need your help.
NANPA’s representative in on Capital Hill today to help push the bill over this next hurdle, but we need individual constituents to press their congressional representatives as well. Fortunately, it is also easy to do.

Just go to and you can send a letter to your Congressional representative and Senators in support of the CASE Act. You can get it done in less than 2 minutes. If you have time to give your representative a call or visit them in their office, that is even better!

It has been a grueling process to get to this point, and if we can’t push it over the line now, we may never get another chance. Your help can truly make the difference!


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