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From the Executive Director- Susan Day

By December 20, 2017No Comments

Susan Day- NANPA Executive Director


Hello! As 2017 comes to an end, I have been reflecting on all that happened in NANPA over the last 12 months. As I jotted down highlights, it occurred to me that you also might like to see an overview of NANPA’s past year.

2017 Snapshot of NANPA by the Numbers

1 – 2017 Nature Photography Summit in Jacksonville, FL —attended by nearly 650 members, speakers, and vendors.

5 – Regional Events – Adirondacks, NY; Bosque del Apache, NM; Chincoteague, VA: Southern Illinois; and Yellowstone, MT for spring wildlife.   Total of 100 attendees and 11 leaders.

12 –Board members who are responsible for the supervision, control and direction of NANPA (a 501(c)6 corporation)

12 – Trustees who manage the affairs of the NANPA Foundation (a 501(c)3 corporation)

12 – Issues of NANPA News (formerly eNews) distributed to nearly 7,300 people per month

14—Committees –supported by 76 volunteers who help with advocacy, awards, college and high school scholarship programs, communications, conservation, ethics, executive, finance, history, membership, nominations, regional events, and summits

14 – Awards and grants presented in 2017

16 – Webinars –covering a variety of topics from Milky Way and Solar Eclipse photography, cataloging images, composition, plagiarism in photography, lenses, drones, polar photography and more.

19 – Meetup Groups – with more than 4,300 members from New York to California and north to Alaska who held 110 Meetups in 2017.

32 – Member Discounts – software, equipment, filters, insurance (including equipment and professional), magazines, and workshops.

125 – Blog Posts—member profiles, places to photograph, conservation, ethics, advocacy, and other topics of interest to the nature photography community

463 – Member events posted on NANPA’s Event Calendar in 2017

1,092 – Nature Photography Day Facebook Contest—images entered by 467 photographers for $3,000 in prizes donated by NANPA sponsors

1,100 – Twitter followers—new in 2017

2,346 – NANPA members, up more than 100 from this time last year

3,225 – 2018 Showcase Competition – images entered by 375 photographers for $5,000 in prize money

4,020 – Instagram followers – new in 2017

8,800 – NANPA Facebook Page likes – up 1,000 since January 1, 2017

16,590 – NANPA Facebook Group followers – up 8,790 since January 1, 2017

20,000 – #nanpapix tagged on Instagram

252,800 – Facebook Group posts, comments, and reactions between November 17 and December 14, 2017

Whew! That’s a lot of numbers and a lot of people who are participating in NANPA’s events, sharing photos and discussions on social media, and enjoying the benefits, education, and outreach that NANPA provides. None of this would be possible without NANPA’s members, contractors, and volunteers. As we turn the page on a new year—thank you all!

Cheers for continued growth and prosperity in 2018!



Susan Day
NANPA Executive Director