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Volunteer Profile – jon holloway

By November 23, 2017No Comments

jon holloway is a professional photographer who concentrates on nature and wildlife subjects, along with other types of work.  jon has been a photographer for over twenty years, and has been a member of the Art Department faculty at Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina for the last seven years.  jon serves on the NANPA Board of Directors, and has been involved with the organization since its earliest days.  He believes in the power of the image to inspire thought and promote awareness of global issues pertaining to us all.  His work has been nationally and internationally exhibited, and collected by private and corporate clients, museums, and galleries.


After earning an undergraduate degree in Biology, jon worked on a ranch in Montana, and got to know California photographer William Neill during one of Neill’s workshops.  During the summer of 1993, jon biked across America, and that’s when he really fell in love with nature photography.  Afterward, he decided to pursue a photography degree at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) at the main Savannah, Georgia campus.  jon points out that this was a great experience, and was “a great time for me to really explore photography.”

Next, jon opened a commercial photography business, and also moved into his teaching position at Lander University.  He teaches photography exclusively, and also teaches traditional black & white printing in the darkroom.

jon’s “traditional” nature work includes beautiful abstract images of elements in nature.  He says “we tend to walk over a lot of things that are quite beautiful – how does wind affect water, how does wind affect trees.”  In addition, he makes more conventional nature images in the “Earth” section of his website.

Water ripples on the surface of a pond © jon holloway


Red Maple in Autumn in South Carolina © jon holloway

“The reality of living in Greenwood requires that you pursue a lot of different types of photography,” jon says.  For example, he has photographed a group of musicians who pass through Greenwood periodically, and has generated a collection of excellent black & white photographs of them, both indoors and out.

jon also owns a 10,000 sq. ft. events facility in downtown Greenwood in a building that was constructed in 1901.  “Greenwood has put a lot of time and energy investing in uptown,” he says.  The building also contains a 3,000 sq. ft. studio that he rents to other photographers, along with using it himself.

Another project jon has been working on is his Elements of Time portfolio, which is a collection devoted to black & white images of models covered with clay, and being depicted as being one with the environment.  “There is a spiritual connection with the landscape,” jon says, “and I believe we’re all interconnected, even passed loved ones are still here in the present.”

Landscape and portrait combined © jon holloway

jon adds that he is not chasing technology any more;  he says that he is going back to the old school where the image is more important than the camera.

Despite his accomplishments in nature photography, jon believes that photography is secondary to the experience of nature.  He greatly enjoys being outside.  In fact, he repeated his bicycle journey across America this past summer, biking from Seattle to Maine, but this time with his daughter.

To see more of jon’s work, check out his website.